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My sub woofer is haunted. It was manufactured in California which might explain why it has Mexican ghosts in it. It is a HSU model VTF-3R. I received it and hooked it up last week. It is a wonderful sub but once it has fired up for the first time, and a fairly quiet section of music comes along with no bass in it, you can hear voices coming out of the sub speaking Spanish. It sounds like a Spanish radio station, but I don't live near any radio stations. The sub is connected to a Pioneer Elite 55txi receiver via a six foot length of coax. I've tried AR coax and Monster data coax but it didn't help. If I disconnect the coax at the sub the voices stop. If I disconnect the coax at the receiver, the voices stop. I have tried the sub with the power cord grounded and ungrounded but it makes no difference. Now the sub and the receiver are both plugged into a Monster 3500 power center. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can exorcise these spirits? How can I determine if the problem is with the sub or the receiver? I had a Monitor Audio 210 sub hooked up to this receiver previously and never noticed any voices. Any ideas or incantations will be much appreciated.

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You could try contacting HSU Research directly and see if they have any recommendations. They were very helpful with the questions I had before ordering my VTF-3MK2

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I recommend an exorcism. There is an exorcist named Father Lankester Merrin who I understand studied in Latin American countries.

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Hay caramba! Since the voices stop when you disconnect the cable, perhaps your interconnect is picking up signal like a radio antenna? In this case, adding a $5.00 ferrite choke will eliminate RFI from entering your system. Just snap it over your coax cable, and it will solve your troubles. Saludos.
Check out these links
Radio Shack 273-105. Hsu Research Forum Þ Mystery voices. This guy heard voices from his surround speakers. Here's his fix.

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If the cable was acting like an antenna I would think that disconnecting it from the receiver would make no difference. The antenna would still be connected to the sub? If it helps, once the sub has been turned on by a low freq from the receiver, it stays on forever, even with the receiver turned off. Really spooky in the middle of the night to hear the Mexicans.

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that is just too funny!!!

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You are clearly getting the Mexican radio station because your sub cable is acting like an antennae, and the sub's amp is amplifying this minute signal. I agree with Heff that you should visit your local Radio Shack for a ferrite choke collar which fits right over the sub cable. Put it at the end of the cable closest to the sub.

Good luck!

Call the Immigration and report it dude!...they are everywhere!!

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I had a similar prob with my PB-12, it was making alien sounds:S

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Gentlemen, the spirits are exorcised! Thank you all very much for your help. Heff and Hawk were right on the money (again). I put a ferrite core on the input cable and that did the trick. Actually I had to put four of them on the cable to really attenuate the signal so that I could not hear it. (there must have been a whole family in there) If you put your ear on the floor next to the speaker you can still hear a little bit of sound, but from where I listen you can't hear it at all. Thank you again.

PS: I'm in Florida, do you know of anything that works for Cubans?
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