Paradigm vs. Klipsch -- this is what I found


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Ok people, I'm at it again, trying to find the best system to suit my wife and me. I went to listen the Klipsch and Paradigm in a different store (already found one with both, not found a different one with both), and this is what I found out:

- Better sound in Classical and Jazz (especially imaging)
- Had very good mid-range, which made it sound very full; this is really nice (again, for imaging especially)
- Voices in Rock/Alternative and Country were not as crisp as the Paradigms (surprising, considering how they are considered "brighter")
- Sounded a little bass-heavy in Rock/Alternative and Country; just wasn't quite as tight

- Sounded better in Rock/Alternative and Country b/c the voices sounded very crisp. They were very clear and easier to hear than the Klipsch (the Klipsch sounded more live; Paradigm more like singing through a very crisp mic)
- Had tight bass
- Bass was not as full as the Klipsch, so it sounded like it was lacking there
- Imaging in classical and Jazz just was not as good

Ok, so my wife and I listen to everything, so we can't really pick one geared more towards one genre rather than another because of this.

Any help? Can any of these problems be corrected by the amp?

I was listening to the Klipsch RF-25 and Paradigm Monitor 9's. The Monitor 7s just aren't enough to rival the RF-25s. My budget is around $1200-$1500 for Mains, Center, and Sub.

Any suggestions?

Man, this is REALLY hard to make a good decision. The only speakers I have melted over have been the RF-25s, but that's only been in ONE setup. The 3 other places I have heard them haven't been as impressive, so I'm not as sold.



PS. I'm going to listen to the Axiom's sometime this next week.

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Pull out the credit card to make a deposit on the two pairs of speakers you think you like. Tell the salesperson you want to spend a weekend with each pair side by side hooked to your system. Return the speaker you like less and get your credit card deposit back. Take your wife out to dinner and tell her how much you appreciate her help deciding which pair to keep. Suggest she is so good at this, she gets to help with the next piece of equipment you buy.


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Hey Jan, where were you when I needed you. The only advice I got was from Paul, and it included getting off my knees to quit begging. :-)

Now, if I could just find one place that had anything besides Klipsch and BAs, I'd be a happy camper.

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My advice is don't take Paul's advice.

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since you're open to the Internet-direct model then give the Ascends a listen...I took mine to a shop after I got them to compare against the retail stock (PSB, Monitor Audio, Klipsch, Triangle, NHT) and they easily outclassed everything in their price range.

If you are a classical and jazz fan like me, and also value natural and clear vocal reproduction, they just might be the perfect fit. Best of all they are very easy on your wallet, even more so than the Axioms. Their only disadvantages are lack of deep bass extension (since you're getting a sub this really isn't an issue) and aesthetics (only for the smaller CBM-170).

Like the Axioms you can go to their website, log onto their users' forum and see if there's an owner in your area who'll let you come listen. They have probably the greatest number of positive reviews from both peers and pros I've ever seen.

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I would shy away from Axiom. I recently tried and returned the M50Ti. The enclosures of their tower speakers have multiple ports making speaker placement difficult. Bass output was weak.
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