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hey guy .i bought the coaxel audio cable yesterday im using it on my athena speakers asb2 fronts asc1 centre..I guess this was the reason they didnt sound that good at 1..In my other thread i was saying how i dont get the bose sound outa my athena's..I know now it was the coaxel cable i didnt have at 1.Now my athena's sound way better then the bose i get awsome sound now.i like the way movies sound now however i still dont like that much how music sounds...i have my computer hooked up to my receiver so i play music from there another connection i can use from my computer to receiver to get some better sound..i wanna get the sound that the coaxel cable gives for movies but for music using a very cheap $40 dvd player...i know its cheap but i still get great sound from the movies i play from it ..also would a more expensive dvd player give me better sound..i dont think it would cuz there all laser arent they ..there not like speakers made outa diffrent materials ...please answer these

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You can get waveterminal u24 to connect your computer to the receiver. Some receivers can be connected straight - like onkyo by USB. If yours doesn't have that, the U24 will do it for you.

Better DVD player will give you better sound, but if you are happy with they sound, I would keep it, and play music from your computer.

You will get better sound this way. Use EAC program to read CDs into your computer - it's the best sounding, and is free - google search for it.

Asio4all is another program that is free - makes it sound better !

The best sounding playback program is foobar - guess what? It's free too - on the web. Google search for all 3 programs, and with a waveterminal u24, you will have a good sounding source.

Get good cables like Ixos - ST-7&ic=IXOS%2D1001%2D100&tpc=

You got great speakers - they are buch better than Bose if you ask me. I don't know which receiver you are using, but Onkyo TX-LR552 is a great one at only $200. You can google search for that too.

I hope you find a satisfying music system too - since you have good speakers, with Onkyo TX-LR552, and waveterminal u24 for improving your computer soundcard, you should be ok.

If you are still not satisfied with music, you are looking at spending a few thousand dollars to better it.

I think you will be happy with the system I suggested.

Get Ixos speaker cables too - they do make a difference.
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