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I have a speaker(tower) which says 30-22,000hz and crossover frequcney of 3500hz, are the specs any good? Thanks!

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Yes. But on the other hand not much can be gleaned from specs. While the specs say what frequencies the tweeter handles (3500-22000Hz), and the mid/low drivers - 30-3500Hz, little else can be taken from these specs. A fequency response curve shows how evenly a speaker plays all frequencies and is more of a testament to how well the speaker will perform. To make things more complicated some listeners prefer a speaker to be more "heavy" across the low/mid or highs.

In my approach I use specs to see if a speaker meets a minimum standard of frequency response both in scope and an even response, but from there you really must hear for yourself. Problem is with first time buyers, they really don't know what they should be listening for.

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I agree with Kano...

I wouldnt put too much stock in specs, and just use them as general guidelines. It's nice to know the specs, but specs wont tell you how good a speaker will sound to your ears.

It wouldnt be too difficult finding two pairs of speakers with very similar specs that sound very different from one another.

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Yeah, I'm withthe peanut gallery. Assuming the specs aren't fudged, you should look for the -3 db cutoff. This will give you a rough idea how low the speaker will go, but it won't tell you how it sunds over that range. A speaker that goes 30 - 22,000 hz may sound terrible at the low end, where one that goes 45 - 20,000 may sound bell clear.

I'm not saying not to check ut the speakers you mentioned, just keep in mind that it is all about how they sound to YOU.

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