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Ok, I realize that this may not be the best place for this thread, but with the wealth of knowledge and resources on this board, I thought maybe someone could provide a little more information. I appologize if I offend anyone by going a bit off the topic of speakers and receivers (although a case could be made that this is VERY loosely related).

For all of you digital satellite users out there...especially DISH Network users...does anyone have any "inside" information into the current conflict between DISH Network and Viacom? I enjoy watching "Nick at Nite" on Nickelodeon and was severly pis*ed last night when I couldn't watch it because of the feud. I am obviously a Dish subscriber, and am thus hearing only one side of the story. So I thought maybe someone out there that may be "in the know" could shed some light on the situation. Who is to blame? When will it end? Etc.

Thank you all very much for indulging me on this off topic thread!

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From what I've read both companies are to blame for putting their interests (i.e., maximum profit) over the consumers' interest. Basically Viacom is charging DISH more than it would like to pay for unpopular stations as a package included with popular stations. I guess its like selling a popular car only with an options package full of stuff you don't want so that the carmaker can increase its profit margin.

Angry DISH customers calling CBS are being told to switch to other satellite or cable services. I can't believe this will go on for long, because it would be disastrous for both companies. DISH would lose customers it can't afford to lose and Viacom would lose an estimated $2 million per day on lost advertising revenue.

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I assumed that it was both companies who were to blame, but it is hard to know what is true and what is merely propaganda (and I would classify some of it as propaganda). After I wrote the above posting, I did a little more research, and came across a press release by Viacom. I will post the link below, but basically, Viacom says that their rate increases would amount to only 6 cents per month per customer. Now I know that they are saying whatever they have to to make themselves look good, but I am going to be very upset with Dish Network if this whole mess is caused by a matter of only 6 cents a month! I sent an email to the CEO of Dish (who obviously will never read it...even though he said that he will "read each and every email"), and like I said to him, I will send him a dollar bill in the mail, and he can give me all of Viacom's channels for 16 months, and he can keep the change.

The NCAA tournament is coming up next you said, I don't think CBS can afford to have 9 million customers not able to receive the games. This is capitalism at its finest isn't it?
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