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I have a KLH SS025 5.1 Speaker system that was given to my fiance and I two years ago that we are connecting to a Pioneer VSX-D411 Receiver given to us about the same time (gifts). Until now we were living in a small apartment where we were not able to turn the sub above a slight, dull thud. We have now moved and I am able to connect our system to utilize the subwoofer and actually have some explosions in movies.

I have connected my dvd player to the receiver using a Digital Coax cable and have the receiver set to receive the signal properly on the DVD setting. The surround sound works excelent and having the true 5 speaker setup is great (was using L/R RCA before) but I am not getting any true sound out of my subwoofer.

I have double checked the settings for the receiver and even increased the receiver gain for the sub and turned the subs gain up to max and you still have to touch the sub to know it is even on.

I connected the sub to a seperate CD Player that has a sub out and turned it up full volume (I unplugged the rest of the speakers) and put the subwoofers gain to max and I have a little bass but not much.

I have swapped out my subwoofer cable, double checked all my settings, checked the subs fuse (it is a powered sub), tried different sources and none of this has helped.

I opened up the sub enclosure and the voice-coil is not damaged and everything in the amp area 'looks' ok.

I REALLY don't want to have to purchase a new sub. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you,

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There may be a lfe gain setting for 5.1 sources have you tried that? is the sub connected through speaker wire or through rca jacks?

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I have checked the lfe gain in the receiver and it didn't help. The sub is connected through RCA (tried in the L and R and even combined). I think there may be a problem with the internal amp in the sub because I hooked it up to a seperate source and still had the same issue, but wanted to see if there was any other feedback before I bought a new sub.
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