Should I get one?


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I'm new to audio worth more then 200bucks..

Now I just orderd
5 Fluance SV-6 speakers
Kardon AVR 235 receiver

Do I need to get an equalizer?
If so any suggestions??

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No. I personally don't believe in them. I think your gear is good enough to not have need of one. If you think otherwise then by all means buy one. Before I would sink a penny into an EQ I would up my investment in the source, amplification, or speakers. How long until the Fluance arrive? Remember what the review said, give them plenty of burn in time before you pass judgement. If they don't seem to be working out get them back to Fluance as soon as possible and try something else like the Ascends. Good luck David.

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I believe in them, therefore some part of the home cinema, is going to need EQ applied what ever the case may be.

All the channels or the loudspeakers are in different positions of three-dimensional space, now then, its going to sound different and that is where the EQ comes in to play its part in getting it closely to sounding correctly to the one part in the room the sweet-spot.

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I have an old Marantz 2220B I'd like to continue to use. It sounds great. I have a 1,000 square foot great room--kitchen, living room, dining room--and I've run 11 14-guage lines under the floor, none further than 30 feet from the amp. The Marantz has capacity for two speaker sets. I want to power all 11 speakers--two sub-woofers and 9 speakers--from the Marantz and be able to control the volume of each speaker individually. Do I need a distribution amp, too? What if I want a graphic equalizer in the circuit, too? How do I make this happen?

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Does your receiver have an EQ BUILT IN?If not,I would FIND AN ADAQUATE EQ TO CONTROL/FINETUNE(Levelout)Your system-Find out what your total power output is before you get that EQ!ALSO,IS THIS FOR VEHICLE OR HOUSE?Ive seen guys do strange things with MODIFIED HOUSE SOUND SYSTEMS(Reconfigured hugeassed speakers mounted in their vans/motorhomes,And they get away with it!)LOL...

I certainly believe in them. My DSP1124P has been a revelation to my HT system. I got one off the back of many positive comments from users who had EQ'ed their systems. Initially I was sceptical as to the benefits of adding such a device to my setup not knowing how much the lower frequencies can react within a room.

Listening to my system now with and without the BFD in the chain I can clearly appreciate the positive aspects equalising low frequencies has had on my surround setup. The bass now gives the impression of being faster, tighter and much less boomy helping to integrate my subwoofer much more seemlessly while also not interfering with the rest of the frequency range which in effect reveals more detail.

Why do you think AV manufacturers are getting on the parametric equalising bandwagon. I can assure you from my own experiance this is not one of those gimmicky features they add on just to shift more units. Also from what I've seen of built-in automatic EQ systems they aren't yet as effective as a standalone BFD. One word of caution though once you have one in your system there's no going back to un-EQ'ed HT. :-)

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No, equalizers are not needed when the room is treated.


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I recomend using carpeting and egg cartons

In my living room? Really!

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It is a fact that carpeting and egg cartons will reduce flutter echo. Carpeting and egg cartons are ugly, aren't they?
There are some terrific bargains in audio today and there is a lot of crap. Crap will always be crap and bargains too often fade away. But antique crap is just old junk.

UploadTexas Tuxedo

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It takes years of commitment to grow a Texas tail that long!

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Well at least you have someone to share your bed with tonight, by any chance is he a relation of yours?

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In my opinion, the short answer to that is NO!

Spend the extra money on fine interconnects and speaker wire. Equalisers are an overcomplicated waste of time in my experience. If your amp has any character of it's own, it'll get sucked dry of it through unecessary over-dynamic tweaking and spat back at you after being chewed up by this immature novelty item.

If you still have money left over then buy some CDs with it.

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