Need Help! NAD 763 or Rotel?


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I've been waiting to get an NAD 763, but I'm worried about the quirky issues people have been reporting on the 753 and -- to a lesser extent -- the 773. Have any 763 users experienced these problems (e.g., poor video transcoding, hum, etc.)? Should I give the NAD a chance, or just get a Rotel 1056 and be done with it?

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I looked at and listened to both the Rotel RSX-1067 and the NAD T773 and decided to go with the T773. I like the way it sounds, it's cheaper, it has A+B and headphones support, etc.

That said, I've just ordered it and haven't received it yet.

I'm not expecting to have any problem with it. However, I've tried to stack the deck in my favor. I will be powering it on a separate circuit, using a power-conditioner, and will initially set it up one component and one pair of speakers at a time. When I do hook it to the TV the cable line will also be run through a cleaner. My guess is that with the separate circuit and line conditioner I will have no hum whatsoever. If I do have one, I'll check cables, nearby lamps and electronics, and if they are not the problem I'll return or exchange it.

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The 773 is probably a little more receiver than I need for my apartment, but please let us know how it sounds when you get yours in!

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I was also concerned about NAD with the posts I've seen here but I gave them a chance. I've had my T773 over a month now and so far it's been SWEET.

You can never be to cautious I guess but the only precations I took which would be the case for any receiver is routing the cables to avoid power and A/V cables running paralell and keeping them separated. If they do have to cross each other it should be at 90 degrees to each other.

I'd rather have too much power than not enough...that's something in your control. Plus you may not always live in an apartment.

Just some thoughts to consider. I have heard many good things about the Rotels too so let your ears and budget guide you. Good luck.
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