Athena AS-F2 or Boston Acoustics VR1, which has better quality?


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I am looking for a set of floorstanders for around $600 bucks a pair that will likely be paired with a Yamaha RX-V740 receiver. I've listened to the Boston VR1's at Tweeter and the Athena AS-F2's at Best Buy (albeit it with their horrible acoustics) Both are at about the same price point, but was wondering if anyone had an opinion on either. It seemed that the Bostons had a little more balanced and mellow tone, whereas the Athenas had a brighter sound. Any preferences or opinions on who makes the higher quality, better built speaker? I liked the Athena's, but there's something about megastores like Best Buy and Circuit City that just turns me off when it comes to buying good, high-end audio equipment. You just can't get Bostons anywhere, so maybe their quality control is higher? Thanks in advance.

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Like you, I listened to Athena's at BB, liked the sound but was not enthusastic about their service. If shopping for Athena's you can try Onecall. They are authorized dealers and give discounts. Check out their products and give them a call.

I haven't heard BA VR1's, but I had BA for a few years in a custom car audio system.

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I've auditioned both and liked them both. I think the Bostons had better sound stage, had an emphasis on the high end of the spectrum, and sounded very clear. The athenas pack more punch (bass and midrange) on the other hand. I think it depends on the kind of music you listen to. IMO the bostons would be best for lighter acoustic type recordings, and the Athenas would be better for cranking it.
Both of these speakers are pretty good for the money, quality and feature wise. It just comes down to your sound preference.
You may want to check out some Paradigm Monitors (5 or 7s should be pretty close to your price range) if you can. That series seems to be a pretty good value.
I myself am trying to decide between the Boston VR2s and the Paradigm Studio40s at around the $800 range. My original speaker budget was $600, but I didn't find anything in that range that really fit my sound situation.
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