I think my speaker died...inputs?


Well, im quite sad. I think my speaker is dead. Energy bookshelf, i have no clue of the model. bout an 8" cone, and its porterd. They sound awesome, but... The right cone doesnt move anymore. I play some brooklyn bounce and the left one just goes nuts, the right one does nothing. I touch it and u can feel a tiny bit of vibration. No air comming out the port either. This saddens me a great deal... Anyone know whats wrong? and if something is greatly wrong with it, anything i can do to fix it?

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Swap speakerwires to verify that it's the speaker that is bad, and not your receiver.

Once you verify the woofer is bad, you can try going to the energy website and search for local authorized repair shops. Once you find one, you can have them order a replacement woofer, and install it yourself. (its very simple replacing speaker components).

You can buy something new. Whichever you prefer.

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One question how old are you first, as it as a lot to do with you loudspeakers.

Then I will give you a web page where you can buy a replacement kit at affordable prices.

Get the picture!

P.S. I'm a former cinema projectionist for UCI and Warner village cinemas UK, I can help.

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Andy - Are you the new mauimusicman? If your serious, you should have my name.

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No thanks i'll take a rain check first mate?

andy. what does my age have to do with anything? i asked a simple question and i dont need anymore questions other then audio. whats ur deal? i dont care about prices, and that shouldnt concern you either. if you have a webpage then post it. and i really dont care what you are.. it has nothing to do with my question.. all i intended was to see if anyone could help me with my question.. not get hounded with useless bs.

also paul, thank you for ur help. much appreciated! ill haveta try that tonight
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