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Hello all,

I thought that maybe someone out there could answer a couple of questions. I have a NAD T762 and went out and bought am optical cable for my CD player. I wanted to expirience HDCD since I have 10 or so CDs that are HDCD encoded. Maybe it's just me but I didn't hear that much of a difference. Anyone have any HDCD expirience?

Also, it seems as though my subwoofer doesn't work through the digital connection. This doesn't seem right. The sub works fine through the analog connection. Anyone know if that should be the case?

One other thing, why is it that the digital connection's signal is so much lower than that of analog?


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I'm not sure how much HDCD experience you're looking for, but I have an A/V receiver with HDCD and am listening to a HDCD CD, Peter White's, Caravan of Dreams, and it sounds great! With just stereo, and no extra surround processing, the sound stage is awesome, the sound is full, rich, and detailed. Can it all be atributed to the HDCD 20 bit encoding process? I can't tell.

Your sub should work for both digital and analog connections, so perhaps your setup might need some tweaking? Have you already calibrated your system with an SPL meter?

The sound I'm hearing from a coax digital connection is as loud or louder than my stereo analog connection, so I probably have the opposite situation from yours when playing SACD's through analog connects.

There are plenty of NAD fans on this forum, so I'm sure someone can comment. To find out more about HDCD, check out the link - All about HDCD

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I am still new to this receiver so what kind of tweeking should I need to do to get my sub to work with a digital connection. I screwed around with all of the OSDs and still have no luck with output for the sub through a digital connection.

I am not really sure why, but my digital connection signal is just lower than the analog. This doesn't make much sense to me. Anyone have any theories on this?
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