Which surrounds? Where do I put them?


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I need some help deciding what to do with my surround speakers. Currently my set up is as follows: Pioneer 1015tx receiver, Athena AS-F2 Mains, AS-C1 Center. I also have some AS-B1s I am currently using in a second zone, but I am probably going to have to do somethign different in the seccond zone. If I coudl use the b1s for surrounds that would be great.

My original plan was to use the B1s in the tri corners of the room, but they seem like they are way to large/heavy to wall mount.

One new plan I came up with is to sue some AS-R1s on the rear wall of the room. I drew out how I think the sound should travel with the AS-R1s. Let me know if I have the general idea right for a bipolar speaker. See this image:

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Ideally the placement of the surround speakers should be directly to the sides of the listening position. I personally prefer a dipolar speaker to a bookshelf which is direct firing for surround purposes.

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Well, I've also heard that good results can be had with bipoles o nthe rear wall. I'm sure some people have already done this. I really don't know how I can mount anything on the side walls... There really is nto enough room to mount a B1 about the door at the top of the room.

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flip the room around the other way ...have the door by your tv and the bed on the other wall? is that possible?

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Taht really is not ideal becuase it would limit how widly I could place the main speakers. I'd rather have bad surround placement than bad main placement.
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