Boston Acoustics VR2/ Paradigm Studio 40 comparison


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I'm looking for a pair of main speakers and a decent reciever to start my music/ht system. For now these will be used in a stereo set up with music listening in mind. My overall budget started out capped at $1000, but I think I'll end up going over that a bit.
After listening to most of the offerings in my area in or near my budget range (including B&W, Klipsch RF, Athena, JBL, Polk, Def Tech, Paradigm, Boston), I've come up with two choices as stated above. I can get the Studio40s for $800 and the VR2s for $850 (retail price).
Both speakers have strenths and weaknesses...the Studio40s have great bass, highs, good imaging, decent stage. The VR2s have better staging (almost hard to tell where the speakers are), good clear highs, midrange. Both of these speakers are slightly on the bright side, but not so much that the sound isn't appealing to me.
I'd like any comments you may have on the strengths and weaknesses of these speakers, since I won't be the only one listening to them, I'd like some more opinions.
Also I'd like any suggestions for a reciever to use with these. Keep in mind that I'd like an HT reviever as I may eventually go this direction. I'm currently considering then Denon 1804 and the Yamaha Rx-V740. I'd like to go up to the 2803/RX-V1400 level, but I just don't think the budget will allow it.
I've heard that the Yamahas are a little bright and may not be a good combo with slightly bright speakers. I listened to the VR2s through both a Denon and a Yamaha and both sounded okay to me. However, I've only listened to the Studio40s through a marantz 7400, so I don't have a lot to go by there. Suggestions, thoughts...?
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