What to do with T743's pre-main loops?


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I think I have finally decided to go for NAD over H/K AVR230 or Marantz SR5400, it just has the right feel and sound.

I still have a few questions about it:

While the T743 does have 5.1 input and 5.1 pre-out, it also has main-amp inputs for the left, right and center channels. What can I do with them if I go and get an additional stereo-amp for the fronts? I cant upgrade to 7.1 because it lacks ES/EX decoders and 7.1 pre-out.

Should I hunt for T752 because it has 7.1 capability, digital-outs and detechable power cord, but no outputs for B-speakers? Are there other differences? T753 is a bit too expensive (retail 1050euro vs T743 for 735euro).

None of these support DTS 96/24. Am I right? Shall I miss it in the future?

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Each of your receiver choices are very good, but I know exactly what you mean when you say the NAD just feels right. I absolutely love my 753. As for your questions, here are my thoughts:

1. You do not need or want to use the main inputs as this is intended for an outboard pre/pro or processor, using the receiver's internal amps, which appears to be just the opposite of what you appear to want. If you are considering using an outboard amp, then you want to use the pre-outs to connect to the outboard amp and ignore the Main in connections. Using an outboard amp for the mains allows the receiver's power supply to direct more power to the internal amps. The use of jumpers on those front channels is to allow you to disconnect them if using an outboard amp.

2. Whether you go to 7.1, and thus go with a 752 is entirely a personal choice as to what you want out of your system. My listening room does not accomodate a 7.1 speaker setup, as it is completely open to our kitchen on the left side, but even if I could go with 7.1 sound, I personally would not bother. I have attended several demonstrations of high quality 7.1 systems and the fact remains that the additional two channels are matrixed, that is, they are not discrete channels, but mixed from the other channels, and I do not hear a particularly better sound separation, so I am perfectly happy with a 5.1 system. However, if you think you might want to go to a 7.1 system, then I think it makes sense to get a 752, which has that capability.

3. I have only heard one DTS 96/24 DVD and I was not particularly impressed with it over the regular dts and Dolby soundtracks. Most disks I have seen don't even have that format, so at this time, I do not see the utility of it. Of course, this may change, but it also may well fade as just another "Flavor of the Month."

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply. First of all I dont think I'm going to buy the additional amp for any time soon. My room is not very big so the 5*50 NAD-watts is enough, as is the sound and quality of the amps. What I most want is better detail even at lower volumes. I was just questioning the purpose of those loops. I dont see why anyone would want to use any sub 1000$ reveiver only as a 3-channel main amp for a separate processor/pre-amp.

About the pre-main loops I was thinking that maybe they could be used for bridging/twinamping other channels or driving the B-speakers simultaneously from an other source with the other 5 channels, or something like that.

With T752 it makes more sense because when getting an additional amp for the fronts, you can use the receivers front amps to drive the surround back speakers. With T743 you cant, so they seem pointless.

I will propably stay with 5.1 as I think this running after more and more channels is a little getting out of hands. Why sacrifice quality for multiple speakers giving not that much benefit? The only thing that worries me is the lack of DTS-ES decoder, because I will lose the info of the discrete back surround. Maybe I'll never even notice it's missing and for now I have only two DVDs with discrete 6.1, the LOTR extendeds.

The digital outputs I propably wont need ever, and the detachable power cord I wont notice after everything is set up. Although the detachable cord gives a feel of higher quality and is easier to replace.

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Any ideas of bridging or driving discrete B-speakers?
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