A problem with my new setup


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Ok I'm new to hi-fi separates so please bear with me as I don't know that much.
I've recently purachsed a pair of mission 71i's and a second hand AMC 3025a amp, set them up with my computer...no problems at first, but since saturday night (when admittedly I did thrash the speakers but only to 12 o'clock on the volume...the amp is 30 watts) I've had a problem with the right speaker being too quiet compared with the left. The speakers are in balance on the amp and on my computer and you can definitely tell the difference when you turn the balance all the way left or right. If it helps to know, I'm using standard maplin speaker cabling. I've been told this may be a bit thin and that it may be the cause of the problem? I havent abused the speakers so I'm pretty sure I haven't bust them or anything.
If anyone could shed a little light on this mystery it would be appreciated,


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Try to replace speakers (put current left one into the right and right one to the left).
If "new" right speaker will be still "too quiet", then it's definitelly an amp issue.

By the way - 12 o'clock is not a "low" level and may not be a good one for your amp.
For example many amp produces "wrong" sound starting from 1-2 o'clock, so it's possible...

If you have a chance - try another amp (get it from some friend) to check if it's not a speaker issue.

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Ok I've done that and I'm glad to say that it looks like it is actually a speaker issue. I say that because I have a warranty with these speakers, and not the amp, which is 10 years old! I'll get onto richersounds about having my speaker looked at
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