Bipolar speakers - your thoughts?


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Am trying to finalize an inexpensive speaker set up and am looking at fluance / bic america. Any thoughts on these speaker lines?

Fluance surrounds are bipolars...what's the general concensus on these versus direct radiators?

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Hallo there

They look nice but too small for just two at each side though I will go for 3x three for each side wall fixed flush about five feet up from the floor.

Centre back surround 4x four fixed to the back at five feet up from the floor.

Now then this should total surround you without ant hole in the bucket type of effects!

And to top it all of 6x six fixed to the ceiling firing downwards these will be used for height surround.

Now since I a former cinema projectionist this set-up will blow your socks off, now then go and buy the whole lot and if you have any problems sitting it up give me a call.

Easter egg extras


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Sting (wasn't Andy Summers his real name?)
I don't have the resources necessary to turn my basement into a surround sound bunker (as you apparently have...laughing!)

The all black look Fluance AV-HTB system only comes with the AV-BP2 bipolars as the only "add on" speakers. The AV-HTB system already includes a set of standard / traditional direct radiating bookshelf speakers.

The slightly higher priced all birch look SX-HTB system comes with small direct radiating SX-SS bookshelf speakers as the only "add on" speakers.

If I stick with the AV-HTB system, I plan on buying 4 additional speakers - two for the 6.1/ 7.1 HT setup and two for a second channel into the game room.

Would you recommend that I use one pair of bipolars on the side walls of the HT area along with the separate bookshelf set along the back wall to handle the 6.1/7.1 effects...then use the other bipolars on the second channel in the other room?

Or, would you

Use both sets of bipolars in the HT area (pair on side / pair on back) and the bookshelfs in the other room?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated as there appears to be a great divergent thought on the use of bipolar speakers.

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You mean the Police don't you!

Any way that's not up your alley ok what's your budget for the home cinema set-up of the century!

I have so, so many ideas up my sleeve, so tell me what research you have done and I'll have a look around on the internet to see if I can match the price or get it as possibly low as I can for you.


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I personally dont like the bipolar surrounds. I want my surround speakers pointed direrectly at 'ME' as the primary listener, and not pointed off somwhere willy-nilly being wasted. If I had a theater with 2 dozen seats, bipolar would have definite advantages for the room as a whole, but since my concern is for me.........I want direct radiating speakers, and I want them aimed directly at me. I'll never own bipolar surrounds.

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Me too I don't like dipolar or bipolar as well, though I prefer direct radiator types, and when the money side of things are going to be AOK, I'm going for 6x JBL 8330 THX approved the real McCoy no messing around or beating around the bush.

These ones are PUCKER MAN and hearing and feeling them many times at the EMPIRE Leicester Square, screen # 1they give an unholy sound on films like

SS=split-stereo surrounds

Indiana Jones and the last crusade Dolby SR-SS 70mm
Star Trek the motion picture Dolby A 35mm
Star Trek II the wrath of Khan Dolby A 70mm
Star Trek III the search for Spock Dolby A 70mm
Star Trek IV the voyage home Dolby SR-SS 70mm
Star Trek V the final frontier Dolby SR-SS 70mm
Star Trek VI the undiscovered country Dolby SR-SS 70mm
Cape Fear Dolby SR 35mm
Alive Dolby SR-D-SS 35mm
Timecop dts-SS 35mm

Easter egg extras JBL 8330 THX cinema surround the Real McCoy... ution/8330.gif&imgrefurl= tm&h=161&w=159&sz=10&tbnid=A6UhiudZuD0J:&tbnh=92&tbnw=90&hl=en&start=2&prev=/ima ges%3Fq%3Djbl%2B8330%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN


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Personally if I had to choose between a $300 5-speaker package versus a $300 pair of quality bookshelves I'd choose the second, and gradually add on the extra speakers when money allows or just stick with the higher quality 2.0 or 2.1 system.

That's mainly because I do about 80% music so quality matters to me a lot more than quantity.

If you are doing only HT then the Fluance setup isn't bad for the money, though I've heard some people on other forums recommend just doing their SV-6 bookshelves all around instead, these are supposed to be of much better quality than their 5.0 package and would cost about the same, 5 x $50 = $250.

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And here I thought bi-polar was just my disorder.
Who knew?
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