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I am looking for some advice on the purchase of a CD player for use with a 2-channel system. I have recently upgraded my system with an Onix 120 Integrated amp and a pair of Ohm Walsh 100 MKII speakers.

I have been looking around for a good quality 5 disc changer but without much luck. The high end ones like Rotel & McIntosh are too expensive. As I have been reading and researching, it seems that DVD players are made to play many different formats (cd, sacd, dvd-a, dvd-v) Although it would be a waste of technology, can I get the same quality sound out of a DVD player?

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At the same price point, a dedicated cd player will generally sound better than a dvd player. If you won't be using the player for video, then money would be better spent on a cd player.

If you must have a 5 disc changer, you might look into the Sony sacd players, including their premium ES line. They are reputedly good at cd playback, depending on who you ask.

Hey Two Cents, thanks for your input! I know that a 5 disc changer is not the optimal solution but I have my wife to consider as well :-)

In your opinion will the quality of playback of a CD be better with a SACD player? My understanding is that the SACD player will give me more options regarding format. Is this correct?

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You may want to consider the NAD T572 dvd changer. I haven't seen it's video output, but I a/b'ed it's sound quality next to the NAD 521BEE and a few other brands of single cd players, and it definately held it's own. It is discontinued, but you can get them from or They are factory authorized, so you shouldn't have too many issues with warantee, support, etc. Some local dealers may have a floor model left over too.


Thanks for your input. I'll look into the NAD. Have you ever heard the Integra 3.4 or Rotel RCC 955?

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I have a Marantz CC4300 cd changer for sale. Sounds a whole lot better than an NAD dvd player and Sony SACD player with redbook cd's. Email me if you are interested.

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In what way a Dvd player is different from CD player. what are the options available in general in these 2 types.
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