Connecting speakers to 5.1 surround


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I have a problem, I bought a set of 5.1 surround speakers knowing that I did not have a surround card for my computer or on my DVD player. I was hoping that I could use my auxillary cable to plug my ipod into the speakers.

Unfortunately there are 6 audio inputs not 2, there are also outputs for the speakers, I was wondering whether I can plug all of the speakers into two of the sockets in the back of my sub. I am worried about problems with power etc. I just want to check before I do so as I am a complete newbie.

Thanks for your help

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a set of 5.1 speakers should easily go into your ipod. my advice though, return them for a good set of stereo speakers, and sub. but anyway, basically all speakers should plug into sub, and then the outline from back of sub to computer, should fit into your ipod's headphone jack (or line out plug in the charging stand). i dont see an ipod's power blowing out a 5.1 speaker package, so you should be fine there. thats about all i got without knowing more about the speakers. hope it helped.
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