Dilemma regarding a new stereo system


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Hello everyone. I am faced with a small dilemma in choosing what will be my next stereo system. Yesterday I had my mind set on these three:
- Marantz PM4400 for an amp
- Marantz DV4500 for a DVD-player
- A pair of Tannoy Fusion 1
However, today, people advised me that Marantz may not be what I'm looking for and that the Tannoy speakers might not work so good together with the amp.

I should specify that I am interested in low volume listening, that the room in which the system will be used is around 15 mp and that I don't wanna go over $800 as a budget.

Today, while browsing the websites, I thought of another configuration:
- Yamaha AX-396 for an amp
- Yamaha DVD-S540 for a DVD player
- B&W DM600 S3 for speakers

What do you say? Which should I choose eventually? Another choice for the amp would be Denon's PMA-390IV.
I am looking forward for your answers.
Thank you.

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You can do better - if you had not bought them already, post it, and I will give you some suggestions.

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No one else but you can decide which system you should prefer. Don't let someone else "advise" you regarding what to buy when their only real reason is that's what they bought or that's what they like. They do not have your ears.

Go to a decent dealer with some CD's in hand and listen for what sounds best to you. People get upset when a salesperson "sells" something but they turn around and insist you hear what they hear.



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Here is a good sight with reviews done by pros - buying guide is fun to read.

Personally I don't like the amps you mentioned - yamaha and marantz. NAD c320bee sounds considerably better.

Also the speakers are not really good sounding ones - I prefer monitor audio silver, or paradigm studio, or a PSB. Try to hear these, and you will probably agree.

I would go slow, and hear as many systems as possible before buying - and you can save by buying used at www.audiogon.com

Good luck and welcome to this exciting hobby...


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I agree with James relative to both the amp and speakers. However, the Tannoy Reveals are a very good budget monitor.

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James - Just for the sake of clarity, have you heard the Marantz and Tannoy combination? Whether you have or have not, can you make a constructive criticism of the combination based on the information the poster has provided. So far it would appear the Marantz/Tannoy duo is just something you don't like without any specific reason.

I'm not picking on you, James, just asking a question.

Art, feel free to chime in.


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Nad C320? Where have I heard that name before? It sound so familiair...

Just try to specify your needs Mr. Me (funny these forums, you're always addressing your posts to impossible names)
What do you listen to right now and what are you looking for, soundwise?

And NAD C320 is very likely to be the right candidate indeed, but the Marantz mentioned is nice too...how it sounds with Tannoy I don't know.

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once again, Jan is right on!

Listen for yourself!

as far as stereo amps that are IMHO worth listening to:

Rotel RA-01 (or RA-02)
Arcam D65 ...a little pricey, but GORGEOUS sound!

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U have heard some Marantz gear with Tannoy's but not that specific amp. Tannoy makes so many different lines that it is difficult to characterize a specific Tannoy sound. However is much easier to charcterize Marantz and NAD sounds and armed with that info and my memory of the Tannoy's that I have heard I know that I would prefer the NAD. More detail and overall better musicality i.e. rhythm and pacing which are NAD strong suits. Cyrus and Jan are IMO correct though only your ears can decide for you.
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