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My dad has this SONY RECIEVER (model STR 0390) and everytime u turn it on, it makes a low fuzzy sound like someone is sayin, eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for a long time. i checked the wiring, speakers, everything. its been goin on since he first got it which was over 5 yrs ago. once u turn the volume up, u cant hear it but it is very annoying (when listenin at low volumes) and im wondering whats up.... anyone have suggestions, ideas?

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time to buy a decent receiver, stay away from anything Sony makes that's not a TV.

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It's probably a ground loop or grounding problem within the system. To trace this you will have to unplug everything from the receiver and check whether the receiver is producing this sound on its own or with other components plugged into it. If you have cable TV the first item to unplug is the cable box. Mark everything accordingly so you can return the plugs and cables to their correct location. If the noise stops when a unit is unplugged, you have to determine where the problem exists within that portion of the system. Don't plug things back in just because they didn't make the noise stop. Remove everything until the receiver is connected to the speakers with nothing coming into the receiver. Then find out whether the receiver makes the noise on its own. If you still haven't solved the problem, plug things back in one at a time and check once more for noises. This could be nothing more than a bad connector. Unless this is just a ground loop problem, you will need to have the defective product serviced or replaced.

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