Help me choose sub: PS1000, ASW100, or Better??


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I am making a basic home theater system (50/50 music & HT) with the following components:
Yamaha RXV1400
Monitor Audio Silver S6
Monitor Audio Silver S1
Monitor Audio Silver Slcr

I know people don't recommend that combo, but I think both the new Yamaha and new MA Silvers are more laid back and not as bright as they used to be.

I need a sub. I lean towards the monitor Audio ASW100 - but have been told it is not very musical and is to "low end" for those speakers. It was recommended get the FB110. I can't actually here it without ordering it.

I have heard and can get a good price on Paradigm PS1000. It seemed louder - but more of a "one hit wonder". Any opinions.

Hoping to keep around $500 - $600 Canadian. Room is 12' x 22' x 8' in the basement. I am in Canada - so please don't suggest SVS or HSU.



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Hi Bailey,

I have owned a couple of Paradigm subs (PDR 10 and currently Servo 15). I have heard the PS many times at the dealer and I believe it is a very good sub (very musical). It definately hits harder than the PDR 10 ($350 uS), but nothing at all like the Servo. Good luck with your decision!

I have then same speakers it by the way...I was able to hear the asw100 and fb110 side by side comparison fb110 all the way has a switch on back for movie or audio..great tight bass on audio...unreal watching saving private ryan....highly recommended
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