Harman kardon avr 525 & polk's 6700 speakers


thinking of avr 525 paired up with the 6700's by polk audio. etronics has receiver for $650 and crutchfield has the polks for $899 plus the extra two speakers for the 6th and 7th channel for 120ea. $200 off any polk system over %500. total amount for speakers, $1,040($100 for subwoofer upgrade psw404). total for all $1690. is there a better deal out there? i would appreciate anybody with good advice. need to buy sooooon. also had denon 3803 in mind but not sure about the speakers


Faced with similiar decisions, I bought the AVR525 and Polk Rti38s (I already own a Boston Micro8000 system).

I had previously returned an Onkyo and had looked at, listened to and researched to fine granularity the competition up to $1000. I was and am hugely impressed with the HK.

Although, as I sit here I have 25 days left to return it to Crutchfield for, what I think to be the next best in the field, the Onkyo SR800...in some ways a superior box to the HK, but does it sound as sweet? The HK 525 sounds very nice indeed. It's warm and detailed, beautifully voiced. Excellent separation. The mids and highs are beautiful and spacious while the low end is full and present. I love this amp. This Polk Rti38's are also lush and a great match.

Things are still breaking in but as I listen to Duke Ellington as I type this, I am hearing the whole ensemble righ next to me, gutteral trombones, present and rich upright bass, and the lush upfront horn section..the piano comp fade at the end of Satin Doll hanging in the air.

But I digress...back to the technical:

The Onk has dual 32-bit processors and can up-convert composite-to-SVHS AND digitally upconverts all audio inputs. The HK is a single 24 bit processor and down-converts SVHS-to-composite. Also the Onk has a pure audio path and can shut down all video display for pure audio. Oh, and if you care, the Onk is THX.

The HK has Logic7 processing thanks to Lexicon, where the Onk has it's own 7.1 thing as well as two THX modes. The HK though has very nice bass management and the ability to digitize the pre-ins for DVD-A and pass them through the HK's triple rossover system. I use this and it is a very, very nice feature.

They are both $1000 and I think it comes down to how they sound in your house really. Hmmm...the way I write you may wonder wonder why I'm listening to the HK right now and not the Onk...maybe because I do so much listening. The 525 just sounds so damn good.

As for speakers, I think you are on the mark. I was just reading that the more expensive 7200 are the same speaker in a bigger lacquered box as the 6700's and for $400 more. Thy have the same size drivers and I think ARE the same drivers. Anyway, the 6700 's get great reviews and have been compared well to the Boston Micro series, the System 8000 of which I own. Matched with the HK525 and crossedover at 200hz with a good sub, they sound like never before.

But, when I installed my new Polk Rti38's as my mains (Boston mains went to new 6th and 7th rears) and set the crossover at 80hz my space opened up like never, ever before. The soundstage was (is) amazing. Polk is something else for the money. I may return these RTi speakers for the Lsi9, but WOW this sound is super.

You can't go wrong with the HK/Polk combo. Not to mention the fact that you are SET for 7.1 and for any wiz-bang format that comes via pre-in or digi-in.

Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions.


R1er the anonymous
h1pst3r ,

ive been trying to get some opinions or facts i should say, about this receiver, and man what better comparison than that onk sr800 ive heard so much about(besides the denon 3803). THX...oooh! hmmm... though very tempted, HK is what my ears want to hear. as you reffered to, "listening", is also what i mainly do. all i can say is thank bud! really mean it, i always beleived HK/polk was a good 1,2 punch. great to hear an actual hk/polk owner say it!!
PS. any bad talk on that psw404 sub? thanks again

Hey R1er,

No prob for the feedback...let me know how you make out.

Anyway, I don't have a Polk sub (though wouldn't mind one). I have the sub from my Boston system and while while conservative by Velodyne standards, performs with merit. Probably a point of upgrade a bit later.

Good luck!

Did you happen to check out the yamaha RX-Xv1300 or Rx-v2300 receivers for musicality? I am in the same boat you were recently in -- I have Bose -- 2 satellite speakers with subwoofer (accoumass) which someone gave me which I will pair with the new receiver for mostly music but some movies as well. I might at a later date look at the Energy encore speakers but for now, this is a 3rd system in the house and I do not want to hear ant harsh or bright sound. So should I go with the HK avr 525 or Denon 3803 or one of the yammies? thanks for the advice. also the yammies and hk can be purchased for a lesser $$ than the denon.
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