Energy Speakers - C9, C7 or C5?


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I plan to buy the NAD C320 BEE receiver and looking for a decent pair of floor standing speakers for the same. Some of the companies that come to mind are Energy C series, Paradigm, PSB 55T ...

Any input on which speakers are good?

Josh Young
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I auditioned all 3 of the Energy C series you mention and went with the C5s. I like the 5s and 9s better than the 7s - the larger drivers in those had a warmer sound to me... the 7s seemed bright and clinical in comparison. I chose the 5s over the 9s due to cost... I didn't feel that the performance difference was worth the price difference between the 5s and 9s, and used that difference to upgrade center/rears/sub.

All of the speakers you ask about - Energy, Paradigm, and PSB - are 'good.' It's really a matter of your personal preference. I, personally, have always loved the Energy's sound, and I think they would be superb paired with the NAD unit.

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I heard the C7's and C9's and found that the C7's sounded better than the C9's. Probably it is the AMP that was driving it at the dealer. I will try to listen these speakers at other dealers too. Thanks for the input.


Josh Young
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Like I said it's a matter of personal preference... with the warm NAD powering them, I would have probably liked the C7s better than I did. My demos with were Denon AVRs, since that's what I have powering them at home. With the Denon, the C5s sounded best to me.

Good luck - you can't go wrong with any of the speakers you're looking at. The most important thing is what you like.

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I just got the C5s this past weekend and they are awesome. I have them in my HT with a Denon 3803 at the head. I listened to both at the dealer...side by side...and I couldn't tell a great difference. The cool thing is they should be on sale just about everywhere right now. I got mine for 40% off...$450! Whichever you go I think you will be happy.

Josh Ricard
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I think Neeraj is totally right, I just upgraded my HT with the C-7's and the Sony STRDA3000ES in febuary. I tested Yahama's and HK's but my Sony ES Amp smokes in its price point. Anyways C-7's Rock, Im actually using my set as rears!
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