Best Speaker set for very small space.


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The room is about 13 by 11 foot with 8 foot ceilings but its a bedroom so there is a bed on one side. The actual area with the tv and where you will be sitting is only about 7 by 11 foot. I could really use some recommendations on some small (Obviously) bookself speakers or a speaker set. Being such a small area 7.1 would be over kill so I would assume 5.1 would be what I am after.

I was considering the Infinity TSS1100 paired with the HK AVR335 or the Onkyo HTS770 HTIB but would like your guys advice on something that would sound a little better. This will be used for movies music and games. Everything. I get discount prices on Infinity/Polk/Onkyo so outside of those brands I am looking to spend around $500-600 for the speakers. Since I get a good discount I will be going with a Harman Kardon reciever for sure though.

With such a very small area I do not want to over do it. I was going to go with a set of the Polk RTi8 speakers and the rest of the RTi series surround but thats just insane for a space that small and Im concerned that it might sound worse than a smaller system in this case.

Thanks to anyone that read this entire thing and is willing to help me out!

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Just to help a little more I say It will be 30% music and 70% game/movie surround. Music will be anything except rap/country.

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Definitely get the HK335 over the Onkyo HTIB, that's a no-brainer.

Get at least the Polk RTi4 or RTi6 for your fronts with matching center, then go cheap with the Polk R15s for surrounds---no reason to spend more on surrounds unless you plan on doing a lot of surround music SACD/DVD-A.

What about a sub? I hope your $500-600 is not WITH sub included.

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Excerpts from upcoming Positive Feedback review:
"During the next few days, I became quite fond of the Ling's silky treble response,
in particular the stunning amount of top-end detail that was also free from
notable harshness. The M31 now sounds dull by comparison.
Where the Lings really excel, however, is soundstaging. They're among the
two or three best speakers I've ever heard in the $400 price bracket in
terms of creating an image that extends well beyond their modest
I didn't even have to apply the "rule of thirds" to obtain that level of
performance. The Lings were situated about seven feet apart and just 18
inches from the rear wall. I'd generally expect to come out a few feet,
maybe three or four, to achieve a similar disappearing act with most
All in all, the Lings do a remarkable impression of a floorstanding
full-range speaker. They'll be music to the ears of anyone who wants
big-box sound in a small room. The tightness of the bass is such that, even
if it might be slightly overpowering in truly tiny spaces, it could never
be considered sloppy or boomy.
As they are, the Lings are handsome (if nondescript), high quality and
throw an immense soundstage that rivals the best I've heard
Enthusiastically recommended."

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The Ling's sound like a fascinating speaker and worth considering for anyone in the market for a speaker in that range.

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Ok I decided to go with some Bose Acoustimass Cube speakers. They sound so amazing.

Just Kidding...Anyone heard the Athena Micra 6 set? I heard they are pretty good but dont know if they compare to what Im already looking at.

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You might also try the Ascend speaker site, the Axiom site, and the Aperion site. They all make and sell direct with a 30-60 day return policy and they all make very good speakers at the price--heck, they are good at twice the price. I particularly like the Ascends, but I know people that enjoy them all--you might even check out the Orb Audio site. The Orb speakers can be attached (and come with the hardware) to walls, ceilings, etc. And all these speakers have had many reviews, with almost all of them being very positive.

All these speakers can be driven easily by most any inexpensive receiver or amp. None of them present a difficult load and all of them would be very suitable for your room size--or even if your room was bigger they'd be fine.

As always is the case where speakers and rooms interface, your room acoustics and the manner the speakers "couple" to the space/acoustics will determine the performance to the greatest degree .

The advantage with these speakers is you can return them if they don't sound great to you.

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I can also recommend the Orb Audio favorite purchase ever. Really clear sound and in a small space the Mod1s will really do it for you. If you ever move into a bigger space, you can upgrade to Mod2s.
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