NAD T763 and Surround sound problems


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I hope someone can help me with some trouble I have been having with my NAD T763 and setup with surround modes. I have a cheap Philips DVD player, that I intend on upgrading, but nonetheless I still can't get the surround sound features as provided within the T763 and as I desire.

At this stage I can only get "stereo" when I play: a music CD; radio through the built in FM receiver; iPOD through RCA. When I play a DVD I get "downmix" but no other surround options. When I press the "surround mode" button or access this through NAD setup through the monitor I have no other options than these the setup won't let me change.

I have all of my speakers connected through banana clips to "Speakers A". I am using a digital coaxial cable from my DVD player to the "Digital In" coaxial 3 which is also set to my DVD player in the setup menu, and I have all of the volumes turned up on all channels, and all of the Dolby and DTS functions set to on and the receiver to 5.1/2.0. When playing a movie or listening to music when I press the "display" button it reads 2.0/0.0

The Dolby sign comes up when I put a DVD in but I cant ge't any other surround modes out of my NAD other than "downmix". Last night I managed to get my active sub working, that was just a volume thing, but I have not managed to get my centre or surrounds working. I do not have a DTS DVD player but I should still have more surround options available other than stereo as I shoild be able to get: stereo; downmix; Dolby Pro Logic II; DTS Neo:6; EARS; Matrix 7.1; Enhances-Stereo 1 (ST1); Enhances-Stereo 2 (ST2).

I am unsure of what version my firmware is as I have not managed to connect via my computer as of yet to find out.



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What settings do have in the speaker setup menu? The symptoms you have are exactly what would happen if you had the center and surrounds set to 'off'.

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Have you tried reading the manual from cover to cover and done everything step by step.

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Hi Clark,

If the B-Speakers are ON, your NAD AVR will downmix to 2.0.

Check the VFD (Front Panel Display) and I think you will note the B Speakers are on. Press the B-Speaker button until they turn off.

Press the Souround mode button on your remote and all should be working again.


Rock Bob

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Hi, thanks for your input, I resolved the problem with a factory reset and all seems to be fine pending a full setup and test.

Thanks again

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