Replacement cartidge for Luxman TT


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Bought a Luxman PD 284 tt with a B&O cartidge at a local electronics flea market. What cartidge would be a good replacemen?. I wavering between Grado Silver and Sumiko Blue Point.

any opinions?

TIA Brock

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Of the two you list, I would suggest the Grado. Joe Grado, who died just a couple of years ago, was The Man in cartridges--he invented the moving coil--and he never stopped researching, designing and developing new cartridge ideas. The company's current product lineup are his designs, which he described as his best work. The Silver, like the rest in the Grado line, are all "moving iron" designs as the stylus in this design has a smaller mass than a comparable moving magnet or moving coil design. This means it will track better and have a faster transient response. Most of all, I think it has a very nice sound.

My other suggestion in a similar price range is the Shure M97xE, which is another superb cartridge that should work very well with that tonearm (assuming this is the turntable I think it is--I don't think it is a "P-Mount" type cartridge). Shure makes some of the best cartridges ever, and the 97 is among the best values in their line. I have always liked the sound of that cartridge, especially after they updated it a couple of years ago.

Good luck and happy listening!

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Thanks Hawk!

The B&O cartidge is sweet, however it's stylus is non-replaceable and proprietary. To change it I'd have to send the entire turntable to Dallas's Bang and Olufsen store!

The Shure sounds like the best deal, and I can get replacement styli at Radio Shack!

Thanks again!

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Brock, you need to match the compliance of the cartridge to the mass of the tone arm. This will keep the resonance frequency out of any audable range. If your tone arm is very low mass (as i'm certian B&O is), you'll need a high compliance phono cartridge. Any qualified dealer can explain compliance/mass to you. Good listening.

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i have a Luxman PD-284 turntable-24 years old, which my 16 year old son is suddenly interested in using :-) i obviously want to encourage him, but the stylus/needle is broken. it says "ANDANTE IA2" on the cartridge. cant seem to find a replacement. suggestions greatly appreciated.
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