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Was hoping to get some opinions. I am planning to get a PE 56txi for my HT setup. Have also been looking at the 59txi. Online the 56 goes for about 850 and the 59 for 2400. Considering the whole debate on power ratings and receivers. Do you think it would be better to get the 56 and buy a seperate 3 channel amp for the fronts and cc. If so any suggestions on a good 3 channel amp? Also what does everyone think of the monster power amps? I talked to a guy in a local store and he said theyre great, but I never see them mentioned on this forum. Thanks in advance,

Anyone have any thoughts?? They would be greatly appreciated. I am also not dead set on a PE receiver so the same question would apply to a rotel, Marantz, Denon, I talked to a dealer about the NAD receivers but he said they had reliability issues. So what do you think, a top of the line receiver from there brands or a step or two down with a good three channel amp for the fronts and center.

Josh Young
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What kind of speakers are you using? And what setup (5.1? 6.1? 7.1?) If they're good speakers I think you'll get more by using a receiver as a pre/pro and an external amp.

Also, how much do you want to spend? There's a big difference between the PE56 and the PE59, so it's not really clear.

If you're looking for the all-in-one solution, you would do well with the PE59, Rotel RSX-1067, Arcam AVR300 or Marantz SR-8500 (or the 8400 if ubid does any more mega-auctions). The NAD T7x3 series sounds great, but their reliability scares me.

I've looked at all of these but have instead decided to buy an inexpensive (read: <$500) receiver with the features I want to use as a pre/pro and pair it with an Outlaw Audio 755 (5x200W) external amp for my 5.1 system. When/if I go to 7.1, I can either use the receivers amp to power the SBR/SBL channels or purchase a 2-channel or 2 monoblocks for the fronts. I'm looking at the Denon AVR-1905 (~$335 on e-bay, B-stock) or the Yamaha HTR-5860 or RX-V757 as a receiver. Of course, if ubid does another mega-auction on the Marantz, that's a no-brainer.

Thanks for the response. For speakers I am using Paradigms for my fronts, center and probably sub. The center will be the cc-470, the front will be the SA35. I wanted to get the studio 40's but I dont have the room. The sub I was considering is the PW2100. For the surrounds I have to go in-ceiling and have Boston Acoustics VRI-585 for the sides and probably the BA VRI-585T2 (Single stereo speaker). I might do 2 speakers for the rear surrounds, but I don't think the room is wide enough to justify it. The system is 7.1. As far as price I don't really want to spend 2400+/-, but I really want the system to rock. I listen to a pretty even percentage of music and HT. Thanks,

Josh Young
Unregistered guest
Sounds like your best choices (combination of sound/features/price) would be:

Denon AVR-3805
Yamaha RX-V2500
Harman/Kardon AVR7300
Marantz SR-8500

All of those options are between $1000-1500. You'd have to figure out which you like the best in terms of sound/features. If you like the idea of separates and want to consider my other suggestion, Outlaw does make a 7x100W amp (model 7100) that you could pair with a less expensive AVR as a pre/pro.
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