Sr 4400 problems Pls help!


Marantz SR4400 Users pls help!

Thanks for reading.

Hi All,

Some questions about the amp.
Realise there's something very perculiar about the sound when adjusting the bass -6 to +6.

When the bass is adjusted to -6 the trembles and mid range on my left speaker ( I've used two different speakers to test.) Go reduced dramatically whereas the right stays pretty much the same.

It's like when -6 is selected for the bass the whole volume for my left channel is reduced. The bass adjustment feels and sounded more like L and R balance instead of increasing bass or reduce. In Fact no bass difference can be felt.

The vocal reduces as well when -6 is selected and when +6 is selected it's like WOAH loud vocal and trebles go sharp sharp sharp.

Weird as I change to satelites instead to book shelf and almost got killed by the essessive midrange and treble when bass is adjusted to +6.

All the big changes only happens on left channel.

Any one experience this and tell me that's not normal right?


Hi any one care to advice?

It would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't think this will be any help, but I have the SR7400 and have not seen this problem. I have played with the bass from -6 to 6 like you said, and I have noticed a difference in the amount of bass, not in the signal moving from one speaker to the other.

I don't know what to tell you about trying to fix it. The best I can think of is try contacting your dealer or Marantz directly. I called them about a question I had with my 7400 and they were pretty helpful.

Good Luck!

Thanks Jason,

Most probably is another very unlucky isolated case of damaged reciever.

There is really no difference of bass volume when adjusting the bass setting.


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