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How do I get my husband to STOP talking about speakers to me?!?! I think he is sick. He cannot go one day without bugging me to death about his speakers. I appreciate that he has a hobby, but honestly it would be like me telling him all about the different colors at the make up counter on a daily basis. What can I do????

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What kind of speakers does he have?, I am curious!

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Could you please explain them to us in detail? Also do you have any pics of the offending speakers?? If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.


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"How do I get my husband to STOP talking about speakers to me?!?!" Give him something else to talk about!!!

Tell him to shut-up and listen to his speakers.

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Nadman I don't think you understand how deep the obsession is. I could be talking about someone dying and he would find a way to relate the topic to speakers. It's deep.

I don't know what kind they are, something from Cambridge soundworks. Ya'll are as sick as him!

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Quit being jelous.

Seriously, the only reason youre mad is because he talks about the speakers more than yourself?

I bet if he was Fabio, and knew how to treat you, then you wouldnt mind his speaker obsession.

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Cambridge ! Just tell him that there are at least more than 15 other brands that are much better than his !

BTW How many pair of shoes do you own?

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Get him hooked on one of these message boards and you're all set.

Cambridge Soundworks? Poor guy...


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Is it his birthday soon? Hows about buying getting him a present of some chipboard and the plans for these Lowther Horn speakers?


This might not instantly stop him talking about speakers, but he will be in the workshop for months before finally giving up on the project and then will never want to talk about speakers again.
Maybe. :-)

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AnnoyedWife - When I said give him something else to talk about, I didn't mean it literally...
Can you think of something else that you and your husband can do when you two are alone?
After were done, it usually shuts me up and puts me to sleep...

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I mean after my wife and I are done...

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Thats just somebody playing you.

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Wanna chit chat with my wife? :-)
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