Bi-amping to bi-amp speakers


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Dear all,
I have an ancient Pioneer speaker 8ohm impedance, max out 60W. It's sounds great. It has FULL RANGE connector and other 3 pins of LOW, MED and HIGH (Bi-amps). For the moment, I am connecting it at FULL RANGE. I want to hear it in bi-amps and my question is if i can connect to each pin with an idependant amp? will this harm the speaker without a cross-over ?

May Hawk and G-man help? thanks a lot

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If it's not going through the crossover, it can cause damage to the drivers.

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I cannot imagine that bi-amping would help a 60 watt max speaker, even if it has appropriate connections for bi-amping (which I cannot tell from your description). 60 watts is a rather low maximum wattage acceptance for a speaker. It must have very high efficiency--like 92-95 db's.

Just out of interest, what model speaker is it and what receiver (or separates) do you have hooked up to it? I must admit that the Japanese companies had rarely been noted for making quality speakers many years ago and to this day they rarely make many speaker sales to the US audio public outside of packaged systems or in the lower end of the audio industry.
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