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Hey, im fairly new to the Audio Community and have a few questions that I hoped you guys could help me with.

Let me first explain the setup I have. I listen to mainly only mp3's no CD's so my quality is lacking already.

I have two "multimedia systems" one of which is the Cambridge Megaworks 210D which basically is a 8" Sub With 270-watt multi-channel B.A.S.H. digital hybrid amplifier. The other system I have is the Cambridge Megaworks 650 which is basically the same kind of system but its just fitted for 6.1 sound and THX cert. I also have a pair of Klipsch Quintet II speakers.

Now heres my list of question :-)

1) Would it be a good idea to use the 650 Sub in conjunction with the 210D Sub?

2) The Klipsch speakers are much better sounding than the speakers that the Megaworks' system comes with, but I only have two Klipsch speakers. Would it be a bad idea to use the Klipsch as fronts and use the regular "stock" speakers as the rest? OR is it better to just have a 2.1 system with cleaner sound from just eh Klipsch in front?

Im just not sure if good speakers and mix with bad speakers and make a degrading sound.

Oh and another thing, the sound card I have seems to only let me use more than 2 speakers if I enable its "surround effect" is that a limitation to windows? (I have an external Philips PC805)

Thanks a bunch!! I hope that wasn't all too confusing.

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1. It probably wouldn't hurt anything to try it right? Give it a shot; if you like it, then it was a good idea. If not, that was 10 minutes down the drain, but other than that no harm done.

2. Its probably not a good idea to mix and match the Cambridge + Klipsch surrounds. It probably would be better to just use the Klipsch fronts on the 210.

3. Does this problem present itself during games or other surround activities, or only when playing music? If only when playing music, then it is a limitation of windows. Probably since the music is recorded in stereo, you have to change the processing on the sound card to a pro-logic style setup to use all speakers.

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ok great. I'll just stick with 2.1 then

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