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I drive B&W 602 S3 with NAD 320BEE. Since last couple of days, i hear a slight disturbance from the right tweeter, when i increase or decrease the volume, while the system is playing.
- I mean if i stop the CD, then turn the volume up or down, its fine, no disturbance.
- But while its running, then if i do that, there is a slight disturbance.
- Most weird thing is that while certain CDs are playing, i don't see such problem, but while certain CDs are playing...its there.

Is it some lose connection, or is it dust (i don't rule out dust somewhere in the system, cos no matter how much effort i put in, but living here in India, i can't always save it from dust :-( )
OR is it some bad news....hope now...

Please help me...

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any suggestions ??

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If you think the tweeter is bad, you could always order a replacement, and install it yourself.

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Is it possible you over-drove your amp on some occasion causing distortion and damaging your tweeter?

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Is it only at certain frequencies that the noise occurs, like when a drummer hits a certain cymble; or does it only happen when you adjust the volume while music is playing?

If it is a specific frequency (not volume adjustment related) and only certain CD's do this and not others, it may just be poor recording quality.

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Switch your speakers around to see if the problem follows the speaker or stays on the same amplifier channel. Most likely it will follow the speaker and you will know you either have a bad tweeter (from overdriving) or a bad connection somewhere (on the crossover or between it and the tweeter).

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Yeah i'll try switching the speakers....and see whats the result.
It can't be overdirving it...cos till now, i have never even reached half the volume level available to me :-) !!

And the exact place where i discovered the problem was...i was playing Dark Side of The Moon...when it starts with that deep bass...i tried to raise the volume a little bit and i heard that noise....but for the rest of the CD it was just fine.
Some places while playing INXS i again heard the problem...

But i'll switch the speakers first thing today and will come back with the results...will also try to find out exactly in which CDs at what places do i face the problem...

thanks for all the help...
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