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I just bought this combo:
OW Monitor 5's
OW CC-370
I paid 2150 Cdn all said and done. I still havn't hooked them up in my room but I am axious to get it going.

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Well we thank you for this information and I'm sure all of us are just tickled pink at your acquisitions. Why don't you move this to the bragging thread?

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Congrats on your purchase. Let us know how it sounds.

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speaking of Monitor 5's.....

They are listed at $729CDN MSRP. What's a decent price to expect to buy them for? I don't want to get ripped off but I know dealers have to make money too

Vinnie Blue Eyes
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Good for you Anon! I've never heard them, but I bet they sound great.

BTW, if you hang around this board, you'll have to tolerate a few like Dale -- he's one of the resident morons.

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Dale just finds unsavory behavior everywhere he goes.

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Vinnie Blue Eyes. Take your best shot. I'm sure we're all impressed with your insight and intelligence. What was that IQ score? 64 if memory serves.

Bug a.k.a Anon
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I'm not sure exactly what the OW Monitor 5's came to price wise as they were part of the package. However, I can tell you that the sale sticker price I saw on the floor was 520.00 Cdn. If you're in Toronto check the Paradigm website for the closest dealer...I'm sure you'll get a good price.

I'll post back when I actually install this setup.
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