Question about DVDA/SACD players


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well, i don't have much money, so i can't spend too much on a dvd player, but i'd like something that plays both formats (basically for the NIN cds for now)

thing is, my 5.1 system is just a (relatively) cheap logitech system. and the only input for it is either digital (optical or coax) or ... whatever the 5.1 output from computer sound cards is called..

every dvd player i've seen only outputs dvda and sacd in analog, i was wondering if there were any that output in digital and didn't cost that much, or if i need to find new speakers.

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The only way that dvd-a/sacd cd outputs in digital is if you have a high end player with firewire outputs and a high end receiver with firewire inputs. But if you take a dvd-a and put it into a regular dvd player, it will output in dolby or dts, so you will still get surround sound, just not as high resolution as dvd-a/sacd. This will only work with dvd-a though, sacd's will only play in a sacd compatable player.

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yeah, i've listened to them with a regular dvd player. they have slideshows when they're played through a dvd-a player though. not a huge deal right now, though.

anyway, i was kind of afraid of that after reading a lot of different dvd player descriptions. thanks for letting me know.

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DVD-A outputs in digital (coax or optical output). SACD outputs only in analog via individual channels.

Speakers have nothing to do with you connection issue.

It soundsl ike you should be fine with DVD-A with your digital coax or optical inputs, but you might be SOL for SACD; you must have the proper analog inputs.

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Josh is correct - apart from the newer firewire or HDMI connections DVD-A only outputs via the analogue channels same as SACD. Through the digital outputs you would only get the DD or DTS version of the recording.
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