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I am a newbie and need someone to help me about the av receiver and speakers matching.

I have got a Yamaha av receiver RX-V440 (entry level) and plan to buy the matching front speakers for my music listening.

1) From the attached spec sheet, which spec data should I care for choosing the matching speaker with this yamaha av receiver?
2)Most of the forum members saying that yamaha receivers are bright. What does it mean?
3) What front speakers (just for music listening in stereo) are matching with this yamaha?
As my receiver is a low-end so only consider the bookshelf speakers ( a pair) for not more than 400 US$. Or any floorstanding in this budget.

In addition, the manual says that this model has the High Current Amplification (95 W x 6 ch).
Extra Large low impedance transformer (4.2 kg, 9.3 lbs) etc.

Yamaha Rx=V440 Spec sheet.
Audio Section
Minimum RMS Output Power for Main,Center,Tear,Rear Center
20 Hz to 20 KHz 0.06% THD, 8 ohms -----75 W
1Khz, 0.7% THD, 8 ohms------90 W

DIN Standard Output Power
1Khz, 0.7% THD, 4 ohms----- 110 W

IEC Power
1Khz, 0.06% THD, 4 ohms----- 75 W

Maximum Power (EIAJ)
1Khz, 0.06% THD, 4 ohms----- 95 W

Dynamic Power (IHF) 8/6/4/2 ohms
95/120/150/190 W

Linear Damping - Yes
Damping Factor (8 ohms, 20-20,000 Hz)

Freq. Response
10-100,000 Hz, +0,-3dB

Tone control Characteristics
Bass Boost/Cut +/- 10 dB 60 Hz
Treble Boost/Cut +/- 10 dB 20 kHz

Signal-to Noise reatio (CD, 250 mV) 100 dB

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Those specs are far less useful than this sort of info:

1. how big is your room?
2. what's your HT vs. music use?
3. what type of music?
4. do you already have a sub? are you planning on buying one? if so, how much can you spend on a sub?
5. how loud do you usually play music/HT?

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Thanks for your input.

1) My room is 20x12 ft
2) I will use 20 % for HT (movie) and 80% for music
3) Mostly I listen Jazz, Blue and country music
4) I don't have a sub yet. I plan to buy later. Budget for the sub is not more than 350$. Now I would like to use the front speakers for low frequencies. So I need the front speakers with good bass
5) Usually I play music/HT not too loud. May be about 50-70% of the volume range.

From these facts, I hope you can suggest me what speakers are matching with my Yamaha av receiver.
I heard about the Paradigms, Athena, Modurnt-short, Tannoy,Energy speakers etc. Which one is matching with RX-V440.

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Hi Yammyguy

I have the same receiver(will be replacing shortly with more powerful receiver) and I have been shopping around for speakers as well.

The speakers(All floorstanders for fronts) I have listened to are as follows:
Monitor Audio B4 & B6
Kef Q4
B&W 309
Cerwin Vega V-12F
Mordaunt-Short Avant 908

Though all of them sound good, personally I prefer the Mordaunt-Short Avant 908s and I have ordered the entire set to replace my current speakers. Eventhough the Yamaha is considered bright, these speakers brings a mellowness to the sound without sacrificing mids and highs and it has a thumping bass to boot.

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Well for $400 you're not going to get much quality bass especially not out of a pair of bookshelves.

In that price range I'd normally recommend the Athena AS-F2s which go for $400 shipped from but have heard those are a bit bright which wouldn't go well with your Yamaha. Most floorstanders in the $400 range will be of crappy construction and sacrifice accurate reproduction of the mids & highs in order to give you the extra bass, so I'd stick with quality bookshelves and get the sub to go with them now.

For jazz the Ascend 170s are awesome---jazz and classical have a lot of midrange which they excel in. Don't know about country since I'm not a fan but if there's a lot of vocals the Ascends will definitely shine. You will however need a sub to fill in the low end...might want to look at the Hsu STF-1 which is $300 and also sold at the website, bundled together with the 170s they'd come out to about $650 shipped. Or you can spend an extra $100 for the STF-2 instead if you want some extra insurance for strong bass. Usually for music (outside of hip hop and rap) accuracy and speed is more important in a sub than sheer house shaking power which is more the province of HT.

Ascends are very neutral, slightly warmish speakers with exquisitely clear and detailed yet non-fatiguing mids and highs so they'd go well with the Yamaha and also be well suited for your musical tastes. Do a Google search on them and you'll be flooded with rave reviews from pros and consumers alike.
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