NAD C352


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Does anybody listen to the new integrated amplifier NAD C352?
There are no reviews and I don't know if it is good.
Which speakers do you suggest to combine with?

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Hi comomolo,
I am interested in the same question as I wanted to drive dynaudio audience 52 speakers, which are hard to moove. I first thought on the NAD C320 BEE, and in this same forum, Hawk told me that was probably enough. In any case, I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to buy the 352, but I don't know if it offers the same quality.
I hope somebody answer to your question.

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gurugu, I am listening to my brand new C320BEE driving my Audience 42's, and it's an amazingly nice combination after having used a HK AVR500 (c. 75WPC) for several years. The 320 puts out MUCH more bass, and everything is far more well-defined. It will get loud as hell, too.

I doubt the 52's really need any more juice than the 42's -- both have fairly benign impedance curves, and the only real difference in the speakers is another inch or so of woofer cone diameter and a larger box.
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