Transparent Grill Cloth -- does it exist?


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I have always thought that there was no such thing as acoustically transparent grill cloth, especially where the higher audio frequencies are concerned.
Am I wrong? I hope so. Can anyone recommend the most acoustically transparent speaker cloth which exists, so that I can try it out.
It isn't usually too much of a problem to me, most stuff sounds okay with my grills in place on my Castle Conway 3 speakers. Having the grills on has to be the norm, with WAF and the cat to take account of.
However, returning from a 'folk night' at a nearby pub, I noticed that one of the BBC television channels was broadcasting a performance of Chaconne from Bach's Partita No. 2 in D minor performed by the renowned violinist Victoria Mullova. Now that is one of my favourite pieces ( I mean the Bach rather than the bint ;) )
Some parts of the Chaconne sounded wrong. Re-playing it (from 100% identical digital recording) with the speaker grills removed sounded much better.
The violin is the instrument which would be most affected by this, I suppose, much of the tone of the instrument is composed of upper harmonics amplified by the soundbox.
So, I'm wondering what else is sounding wrong but I'm missing due to these fugging grills!
Are there any solutions? I'm wondering about making a grill from some sort of chicken wire! :-)

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I'm sorry, I have no answer for you. But I must say that your's is the most refreshing post I've read on this forum in a long time. There was actually a reference to music, thank you.

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Yep, I've had similar experiences with all types of different speakers....they always sound better with the grille off.

I am convinced that the person who invented the conventional non-transparent speaker grille was most definitely a MARRIED man, however!
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