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I have a Pioneer 1014 TX receiver. I find the manual is not very clear or detailed on how some of the settings work - was hoping some of you would have figured out some of the nuances.

1) Exactly what happens when you set the subwoofer to PLUS instead of Yes? It says this will keep the subwoofer on all the time - does that mean it will be used for Stereo? (WIth it set to yes, subwoofer out cuts out when I switch to Stereo.). Can you use the PLUS setting with front speakers set to small, or only with large?

2) I went into speaker setup to try and change the subwoofer setting, after having done an auto setup, and for some reason it wouldn't let me alter the sub setting - it also said THX speakers at the bottom. It seems to be in some kind of THX mode where the sub setting is fixed, but I don' t know how it got there or how to get out of it.

3) I find that when I toggle Standard Surround modes and THX modes, I see many of the same choices - such as Dolby Pro Logic II, Neo 6, etc. Is there a difference between choosing these decoding algorithms via the THX button and the Standard surround button? What exactly is the point of separate buttons if they choose mostly the same modes?

4) The manual seems to imply that the Advanced Surround modes work with the THX or standard surround modes - does that mean they are added on top of the other modes rather than being alternatives to them? If so, how do you turn off advanced surround once it's on - there is no "off" setting in that sequence.

5) I find that when listening to stereo sources, I get no subwoofer output unless I choose a surround mode. Is there a way to configure one of these modes to minimize alteration of the stereo signal/image, and primarily just add the sub output?

6) Is there someplace I can find details of how the different surround modes work - when each is at its best, so that I can have some kind of basis for knowing when to choose one over another?

7) Finally - if I can't figure out any other way to get my sub output during stereo, I may run the sub off the preamp out and switch my fronts to Large. If I do this, what will be the drawbacks? As far as what I understand, the main impact would be that: a) my fronts would get the full range signal, instead of getting the lowest frequencies filtered out from them, and b) I would lose the ability to automatically set balance and distance on my subwoofer. Any other disadvantages?


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In most brands at least, the "Plus" setting means to send low frquencies to the sub as well as large speakers.

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I choose surround decoders based on this......

since I run a 7 channel setup, I use MoviePLIIx by default. If the DVD is DD/EX or DTS/ES(labeled on DVD cover), I'll manually switch to the corresponding setting if it doesnt do it automatically.

Many DTS DVDs will have a DD5.1 track too, and if so, I'll manually choose DTS. I generally never use THX for no real good reason.

Whenever I start a DVD, I always thumb through the available tracks to be sure the best track is selected. I've noticed some of the better tracks wont start by default, and you need to do so manually. (IE...I hit play on a 6.1DTS DVD and it plays by default in standard 5.1DD).
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