Jan, Edster....Stereo vs. Surround??


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Ok, I am shopping for my new home stereo. This will be going in my bedroom, as the main room already has all the bells and whistles that it needs. It will be about 95 music / 5 movies, tv. I am probably going to use Infinity Beta 40 towers up front and matching Beta all around. The question for you audiophiles is this:

stereo vs. surround for audio only reproduction?

I'm probably going to get an HK, because I really like the warmth they add to the bright infinity's. here's my choice:

HK 235/335
2 Infinity Beta 40 towers
2 Infinity Beta 20 surrounds
1 Infinity Beta C250 Center
1 or 2 Infinity CSW-10 sub(s)

HK 3480
4 Infinity Beta 40 towers
1 or 2 Infinity CSW-10 sub(s)

come on guys, stereo or surround??????!!!???

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Since you're going to have more than 2 speakers (I didn't know the 3480 could play both pairs at the same time) I'd say do the surround just in case you get into SACD/DVD-A listening.

HOWEVER the 3480 at 120wpc is probably a bit louder than the 235/335 which are around 50-60wpc I think. Not enough to make a difference unless you absolutely blast your music all the time though.

BTW instead of 2 Infinity subs you'd probably be better off with 1 really good SVS or Hsu sub for the same price. (I'm assuming your bedroom's not going to be exactly huge anyways.)

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the 3480 has two posts and they can be used simultaneously. i have one and tried the biwiring thing using both speaker outputs. i kinda disagree with edster on going with an HT rather than a stereo reciever. i do agree that you may miss out on the multi channel audio, but that depends of whether or not you want to get into it or not or already have. i personally would go for the stereo reciever with two towers rather than the 4 with one nice sub like edster suggested. the 3480 puts out 120 wpc with just an 8 ohm load and 150 wpc at a 4 ohm load, assuming the infinities are 8 ohm speakers that would be the equivalent load of having both hooked up to the 3480 playing simultaneously. that is a lot of power and i think will get your room plenty loud especially with a nice sub. i personally would do that, but your preference are obvioiusly going to be differnt than mine.

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Why use 4 speakers? Doesn't that destroy any proper imaging you're looking for?

Buy 2 better ones instead of four, or 2 and a sub.

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Cyrus - Firstly, I have to thank you for placing me in a position of "authority" with such an esteemed peer.

I'm sorry I can't make a contribution to this thread. I don't often make product recommendations. And in this instance, there are too may variables to consider. How will the system fit into a the room? Is there enough in the surround format to satisfy your requirements for source material? Will you sit down in front, or in the middle, of this system to just listen to music? Or will this system be mostly background?

Only you can decide the allocation of your funds. But I'm certain others will have plenty of suggestions on how to spend your money.

Good luck.

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