B&W 602 or Klipsch RB-35


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Howdy. I wondered if anyone had ever heard these speakers side by side. I can't find anyplace that sells them both. I really love the 602s3 (Heck I really love the B&W 801D setup I got to listen to yesterday but the 602 is my price range)I am going to listen to the Klipsch RB-35 tomorrow but of course they will have a whole different setup. I have a NAD T751 reciever and I currently use it for mostly Home theater but am looking for speakers that will do very well with Music. I just wondered if anyone here had any preferences after hearing the two side by side. Any other suggestions in the $600 Pair range This is pretty much as high as I can go and even that is a financial stretch. Eventually I'll complete the system with surrounds but for now I just want to know about the stereo side of these two speakers. Oh yeah I listen to ALL kinds of music!


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Dont think twice....
I just bought 602 s3 four days ago, man,
I love the speaker.

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Klipsch are great speakers but I have a pair of 602 S3's for rears and sometimes use them for stereo only. They are wonderful - clean, good imaging with decent lows, mids and crisp highs (but not fatiging) imho, and should work very nicely with the NAD.

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I prefered the Klipsch RF-35's over the b&w 604's Klipsch just seemed like they had a little more life, they were a little more forward sounding.

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I got to audition the Klipsch this weekend and just didn't enjoy the sound from them. By themselves I might not mind the horns but when doing comparisons between the Klipsch and some Paradigms and Wharfdales I just didn't like the Klipsch. The Paradigm Monitor 3 sounded wonderful. Unfortunately no one in the area sells both B&W and Paradigm. I originally fell in love with the B&W s though so I think I'll go with the 602 s3. maybe I'll buy some 600 s3 at first then switch them to my rear channels when I can afford the 602 s.
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