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The older Bose 701's Series 1. I am thinking of buying them off a friend. Havent had a chance to listen to them. Anyone have any suggestions? I do not listen to classical/jazz music as much a I do rock. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a clearer, more crisp sounding speaker than the deep rumbling lows of Cerwin Vega. I am also looking into buying a set of rears, center channel and sub (if needed) for 5.1 surround sound through my Yamaha rx-v595 dolby digital receiver. Open for suggestions and oppinions of these 701's. Thanks.


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Good God, even the Cerwin Vegas would probably beat out Bose!

If rock is your main interest you might be happy with the JBL Northridge E80, 90, and 100 floorstanders and you can get some very good deals on those online.

Also look into the Athena AS-F2 towers, $400 at

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I suggest you listen to them before you buy.

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I would suggest Klipsch but i'm partial to them since i own them. They give an in-your-face sound, and i think thats awesome to for rock music. They also do a great job for my HT setup
I have the RF-35 series all the way around

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I have a Carver / Infinity system and just got rid of a Yamaha rx-v 1400 / Klipsch system ... I also own a bose system ... I have had many hours to compare the systems.. Many people like to bash bose ... I will just say this ... IF it were possible for the competition to replicate the sound produced by bose ... bose would not be so high priced ...
they are expensive because they have a unique sound ... and it is also good..

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just curious, what other speaker makes/models have you listened to, and how would you describe "the sound produced by Bose" as opposed to other speakers?

BTW, here's a good analysis of how Bose works:

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you also would have not gotten rid of your klipsch system had you paired it with the correct amp. Never pair a klipsch with a yamaha. That'll make your ears blead. Bright amp with bright speakers. NAD, Rotel, H/K, Pioneer (especially Elite), and Denon are much better choices

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I have read that post and a few other bose bashers .. who compare the construction to cracker jack boxes etc ... I have many years of auditioning other products .. and many have their own swing on marketing .. ( remember to keep an open mind and eye to their forms of deception .. ) . Take a look at the common violin .. 1/8 inch wood .. steel strings .. horsehair bow ... why would you automaticly beleive that in order to replicate this sound you have to have a speaker made of tank materials ? hmmm .. marketing maybe ?
I am not / nor was I ever sold on bose because of their marketing. Try this ... next time you want to audition your sound system .... go to a live concert non electricly enhanced instruments
and listen with your ears ,, not your eyes ...
then go home and play the same music ....I find find most products built in japan are flat ..
or the electronic's used to shape the sound is
chasing the latest consumer trend ..for example.. a bass that sounds like tank fire..
real bass is'nt like that .. but then if your just buying the latest marketing ploy .. it might ..
Other speakers brands I have listened to ...
both in audio only shops , and peoples homes ..
Acoustic Research.
Paradigm. - ( this ,is the marketing wonder? )
Olsen audio ( custom builds )
and many others .


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Sorry Gavin , didn't see your post before I responded .. I also tried , two different set ups of Infinity speakers and the Shurwyns..with the Yamaha I have listened to Denon receivers
with many different speaker arrangements and find them to be a bit muddy .. even with Klipsch.
I am not saying Bose is the best ... I am also very happy with my carver system ... I am saying that bose is also a good sound and should not be dismissed out of hand when auditioning systems ..

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bob, have you ever heard of Mirage?

they best bose at their own game by using decent drivers in their speakers. my problem with bose is as follows...

I listen to lots of jazz music, and have seen lots of shows, so I am very familiar what live (unamped) music sounds like. Bose does not get me there due to the great amount of distortion they inflict in the signal. All they do is smear the image. Who wants to hear an 8 foot guitar while the woofer is playing catch up because it cant do transients? Thats bose in a nutshell.

yes, I used to own bose speakers. I had: 201's, 141's, 100's, and AM-5. Auditioned the 901 and hated it.

Smartened up and sold them... bought klipsch reference, paragidm, and now magnepan.


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btw bob... the other reason why bose is so popular....

the human ear is most sensative to a few key frequencies. Bose intentionally will alter the signal path by as much as 20Db, sometimes even more, to make for a "pleasent" sound at these frequencies.

The acoustimass system playes off of this concept, and totally eradicates almost 100Hz out of the spectrum just because people like a boosted bass and treble in their music. This is why the average joe is not bothered by the missing midrange in the AM, but if you step foot in someones house that has 901's they will usually admit the AM are horrid.

That is the other reason why bose has its unique sound. It isnt because they spread the sound all over the room, it is because they intentionally distort the signal via the crossover. Tests have been done that show this in Sound and Vision.

most manufacturers do not care to follow this path, even if they have a multi polar radiation pattern for the sake of signal accuracy and listener fatigue.

I hope you don't think I am ragging on you, but the facts are the facts.

However, I will admit that when I auditioned the 901's... They were against drywall, which is NOT conductive to the design of the speaker. Had it been a brick house, the outcome might have been different.
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