Need Subwoofer Connection Help!


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I have a Rotel RX-1050 2-channel receiver. There is no dedicated subwoofer out. There are a pair of RCA pre-outs and main-ins, however. These are connected with "jumpers"...pre-out to main-in. My advice has been to plug one end of my subwoofer cable into a pre-out and the other end into the sub, but when I pull off a jumper I lose one of my towers, and if I pull both jumpers, both towers get no signal. I don't understand what is going on and how to fix it. I need help!

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alright, don't unplug those pre-out/main-in jacks!!!! they connect the preamp part to the amp part, and without that connection you're speakers aren't getting any signal!! If you're sub has speaker level inputs (speaker terminals), then you can wire the sub in parallel with the main speakers to the speaker outputs of the receiver. If not, then you'll have to figure out a way to split the pre-out signal ans send it both to the main in jacks and the sub line level inputs (RCA inputs).

ps, what sub do you have?

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Cyrus, thanks for your advice. I appreciate the options you have given. My sub hasn't actually arrived yet, but it will be an SVS 25-31 PC Plus. I was just investigating how I was going to connect when it gets here. Thanks again.

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if the sub amp has line outs RCA jacks then you could also try running RCA cables from the preout jack on the reciever to the line in jack on the sub. then run cables from the line out on the sub to the main in on the reciever. you would probably use up alot more or cabling, but its another option that i just thought of. it may or may not work.

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Christopher, thanks for another possible solution...I need all I can get!

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I recently bought a Onkyo SR302 receiver and a velodyne vrp 1000 sub-woofer. I have connected the sub-woofer preout from receiver to the woofer. The woofer doesn't seem to work. I tried playing with all the settings. Is there a way to figure out whether problem is with woofer or receiver ??

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