No sound when hooking up dvd to receiver - help!


No audio when dvd to receiver set-up HELP!
I have a Panasonic DVD-CV50 and a Technics SADX930 AV Control Receiver. I hooked up my S-video from DVD player to the TV and my Coax Cable from the DVD player to the DVD coax input on the receiver. Seems easy enough, however after putting the setting on the receiver to DVD and starting the DVD, there is video but no sound comes out. Neither stereo or surround. Unfortunately I have lost the manual for the DVD player. Is there something I'm supposed to set up there? Any help would be appreciated.

Al Holland
Go to the set up menu on your DVD player.
Select audio adjustment. Select output. Then select PCM RAW or DD or Dolby. These settings will vary by DVD player brand. What ever the selection reads you want something other than analog.
Hope this works.

Thank you, Thank you Al Holland.

It worked for me!

AV chellenged

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I think maybe the surround part of my receiver broke. It's not the speakers because I plugged the rear ones into the front speakers and they worked. I tried disconnecting everything from the receiver and trying to test surround sound just on the recceiver and it won't give me any sound.

Al Holland
Which receiver and DVD player do you have? How old are they?

No audio from playing dvd's, but yes from playing music cd's. Picture from dvd is fine.
It used to work but now it does not.
I am using the optical cable.
Any help is appreciated.

Phil Krewer

Does your receiver have assignable inputs and if it does did you make sure that the input you used was assigned to the DVD

Also many DVD player the Digital out has to be turned on Have you done that.

Maybe you could post what the audio setup of your DVD looks like


I have a non-stereo tv, but I have my stereo hooked up through my dvd player with a rf converter.
My problem is I can get surround sound on my player and not on my new digital cable channels without unplugging my cables from the back of my player then hooking them into the cable box. Any suggestions or is there an adapter or special plug for this?

I have the same Panasonic DVD-CV50 hooked to a TV. It use to work great, but after a year, i have no sound. Does anyone know if i have to replace the main pc board unit, capacitor, transistor, diode or something? how do i troubleshoot this? please help

I have a zenith tv and toshiba dvd player and the vhs stereo keeps popping up on the screen when I am watching a dvd movie and it shows lines from this when it pops up. I checked captions on the remote and they are turned off but it still keeps happening. Any advice what to do about this. I am disappointed.

craig coster

I have a technics SADX930 AV receiver and I havent got a clue which input on the back is the digital coaxial, all it seems to have is 2 opticals, then 6 seperate phono inputs for each individual spkr, is this right? as non of them are labeled up as coaxial. unfortunatley my dvd player doesnt have an optical out.

Please help as this is driving me crazy:(

i was given a 700 watt theater research surround sound system . It has a powered sub woofer. Do i need a receiver for this

A receiver is just a tuner/pre-amp/amplifier in one package. You say you have a powered subwoofer and a 700 watt system. Obviously the subwoofer isn't powered by an internal 700 watt amplifier, so what is driving your non-powered other speakers?

A speaker system that says it is 700 watts just means that the speakers (assuming there are 5 other than your subwoofer) are capable of using up to 140 watts each (roughly), as there may be some differences between the surrounds and the front speakers.

So if the speakers have no amplification, you obviously need a receiver or a pre-amp/amplifier combination.

I have a 3-disks dvd player it plays audio cds fine but when i put in a dvd it only plays the video properly and not the audio. What do I do?

Hi, I have an old TV that I want to hook up a dvd player to. I have a vcr hooked up, but I'm at a lose as to how to hook up the dvd. Can anyone help me???? PLEASE!!

You get these at Radio Shack

Hello Everyone!

I connected the Cyberhome 405 DVD player and the Technics SA-DA15 receiver via Toslink/Optical. When I change the Input channel to "DVD Opt IN" at my receiver and I start playing a DVD, I hear no sound. When I turn off the receiver now and turn it on again, I hear the correct sound???!!! Can you help me, please?

Thanks a lot!


mark harling
I just bought a pioneer receiver and a panasonic dvd player(i would have to sneek into the bedroom where my wife is sleeping to give you the model numbers). The pioneer is set for coax audio default with an option for optical. The panasonic only has optical. BOTH UNITS NEED TO BE PROGRAMMED TO OPTICAL but both have bad instructions on how to do it. I am getting no sound on dvds or music cds. Help please. thanks
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