Integra DTR 5.5 vs Denon 2805 vs Yamaha 1500


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Looking for a receiver, I have listened to an Integra DTR 5.5 with Monitor Audio speakers. I was pleased with the results. Until now I was looking at the Denon 2805 or Yamaha 1500 with Paradigm speakers. I want my system for listening to music (classical and easy listening) as well as for HT.

However I couldn't compare all of these in the same room as no single dealer holds all of them and I don't find my auditive memory to be that good.
So do you have any experience or advice on the Integra ? How do you compar it musically with the other two ?

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Between those 3, the Denon is what I'd go for personally.

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I agree with Edster. The Denon for sure.

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Angreval - if you liked the sound of the Integra 5.5, why not stick with that? What speakers are you running and will you by primarily listening to music or watching movies? Integra makes a very nice product and just because Denon is a better known product doesn't mean its "better". The Denon and Integra sound quite different so if you liked the sound of the Integra, I'm not sure you will like the Denon.

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You describe my dilemna quite exactly. I had never heard of Integra before and that is why I wanted to know a little more about that product : reliability, general opinion of users about this product and, for those that like it, what is the main reason they choose it.

My focus is more on music than HT. However, in the long run, I think that more and more shows and concerts will be recorded for SACD and DVD, so that the system will be used to its full extent.

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Integra is the high end line produced by Onkyo with an emphasis on music production. While many parts are shared between onkyo and integra receivers, intregra models boast larger caps, a more dampened chasis, higher grade wiring and circuitry etc.

I prefer the sound of integra to that of Denon, especially for music. When demoing a bunch of recent receivers with my friend, we both liked the integra product right up there with Arcam, despite sounding different. I guess I would say that the sound from the integra is more involving while the sound from the Denon is more sharp.

Which Monitor Audio speakers were you listening to during the demo?

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There are some Integra reviews here:

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I listened to the Integra 5.5 on Monitor Audio Silver 8. On the same occasion, the Integra 5.5 was compared to a Pioneer Elite (same price range, but I don't remember the model number). IMHO it was no match.
I also listened to the Monitor Audio Silver 6 with the Integra 5.5. Again, it was clear that the Silver 8 sounded significantly more pleasant to my ears.
So I guess I have all my answers by now.
Thanks to all.
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