H/k 5-channel stereo changes sound a lot


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[Posting again with correct subject. Some browser cookie changed it on me!]

I thought I'd try the 5 channel stereo on my h/k AVR-325 and was very surprised at how much it changes the sound on the front speakers (no center connected, back speakers set -10 dB). I was hoping to simply add a bit of bass presence with the rear speakers (but not at -10dB obviously!), figuring that the front speakers would sound the same. They don't. Using Holly Cole as a reference, the bass is much boomier, the staging of vocals draws back from 3 feet in front of the speakers to 10 feet behind, the finger rubbing on the bass cords all but disappears because of the bommier bass, the piano looses its edge. Using 5-channel stereo on Klipsch speakers certainly tames their bright side, but I think too much.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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Peter: I don't have my Klipsch here in Florida to test. I think it's just the processing causing the taming. I didn't like the 5-channel stereo mode. As a point of fact, I don't like any of the DSP modes for stereo.

I have been experimenting with HDCD, and want to get some SACD discs once I upgrade my Sony NS725P to an SACD capable player -- soon. I'll take the Sony and put it in one of the bedrooms (master suite more than likely).

Yeah, I just stay away from 3-channel, 5-channel and Logic 7 for music! :-)

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Hi geekboy,

Yeah, I don't use Hall or jazz DSP effects for music either, but I was hoping that the 5-channel stereo to be more neutral, like connecting the rear speakers as B speakers. Unfortunaly not.

I'd need to have two sets of wires running to my rear speakers and manually change them. One set connected as (5.1) side surrounds and the other as
7.1 rear-surrounds or zone II main. I could then switch the rear speakers to zone II to get my neutral 4-speaker stereo (which I probably wouldn't like anyway). :-)

I'm just very surprised that the sound is so strongly affected by the DSP!

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Peter. I had a HK AVR510 and Klipsch all around and I quite liked the sound in 5 channel stereo. Don't really remember the sound in which you describe. I now have a Elite VSX-53 and listen to the stereo in 5 channel on my Klipsch and think it sounds real nice. I don't consider 5 channel as a DSP mode since it is not doing anything to the sound but putting it on all 5 speakers rather than 2. I never really thought of that as a DSP mode becuase the sound is not supposed to be altered.


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Hi,guys. I had a question about what reciever would match up well with my klipschs rf-35 fronts and rc-35 center and rs-35 rears. I had a denon 3600 that just died. I would like to have a softer warmer sound. Could anybody tell me about the marantz sr19ex?. or the pioneer 55 elite.I listen to 70% music and the rest movies. Thanks JT Kobe

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Brent and others: sorry, but 5-channel and 6-channel and 7-channel are DSP modes. Almost every receiver I looked at, lists the multi-channel stereo modes under their DSP modes. :-)

For fun, I checked out Sony, Denon and Pioneer... all lists the multi-channel stereo as a DSP mode. The H/K AVR-525 -- which I own -- clearly states that the 5-channel, 7-channel and 3-channel stereo modes are DSP modes. :-)

The only mode which (turns off all surround processing) is Stereo (Surr Off).

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I was hoping the sound was not going to be altered, but it is (as geekboy confirms, it's a DSP mode). It may actually sound okay on some content, but I didn't really like it all that much on Holly Cole.

Ah well... Can't win 'em all.

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