Weak bass on one channel


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Help!! am a bit new to the hi fi world and have recently purchased a cambridge audio 640a amp and AE evo 1 speakers and i have noticed that the right channel has much weaker bass than the left , i have swapped the speakers and checked the cables do i have a faulty amp or am i being over critical ?? thanks for any guidance!!

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more info needed. what happened after you swapped speakers?

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I have ruled out a speaker problem as the problem stayed the same

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is it the same for all songs

sometimes producers make songs so that the bass or vocals come out of one particular channel

Just and idea, it happened to my amp before and it turned out to be a lose volume control, it has fased out the left speaker....

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Graeme, since your testing has ruled out a speaker problem, what else could it be? I'll assume you're aware that room acoustics and speaker placement can affect the amount of bass (i.e corner placement vs. other) and that you've ruled that out already. Let's keep it simple and start with the easiest to replace. (i.e. the connectors) There are several possibile causes:
  1. Your speaker connections have mismatched polarity of the wires, causing the speaker to be out of phase. Speakers that are out of phase can sound funny or have weaker bass.
  2. A stray wire has shorted out one channel of the main amplifier.
  3. One or both your main amplifier's ' - ' are not true ground. Connect only to the channel that has a true ground ' - '.
  1. Correct the polarity of the speaker wires by matching the +/- from the Receiver to the +/- of the speaker level input.
  2. Check your connections again carefully. Banana Plugs or Spades may help. Watch out for strays!
  3. If neither channel has a true ground ' - ', your amplifier will need to be serviced.
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