NAD C352 v. C372


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Has anyone compared these 2 amps? I'm looking for a strong integrated to drive a pair of B&W CM4 floorstanding speakers. Currently using an Audio Refinement Complete which is smooth sounding but lacks power.

I'm thinking of getting the 372 but just want to check -- is the sound quality is good as the 352? Are they virtually the same, and the only difference is wpc?

Also does anyone have any perspective on how the NAD 372 would compare to more "high end" integrateds from Musical Fidelity and Krell? Are those brands worth the extra money?

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc., would be appreciated.

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I own a NAD C370 (The 'top of the line' NAD 3 years ago). It is just wonderful and I love it. When it comes to a two channel amp you really can't go wrong. I did a lot of listening and everything withing many hundreds of dollars of the price couldn't come close. You won't regret the 372. As for the 352, it's still a wonderful amp I'm sure. I would imagine it will have a similar sound overall but lack the extra power.

Another word on the 370 that I own. I no longer use the pre-amp stage in it but do use the amp stage. I've since gotten a NAD surround receiver but use the 'pre out' on the T752 into the 'main in' on the C370. Thus it still drives my main speakers. In that sense I was very happy with the fact that I didn't 'outgrow' it when I went into the surround world.

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