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Buying higher end a/v equipment is like buying a car IMO. Many manufacturers don't list their MSRPs. And finding price quotes form retailers online or over the phone can be difficult as well. I undestand how the "game" is played but I do not trust any manufacturer that doesn't list an MSRP. And don't tell me it's becasue they sell internationally. That's a lame excuse. At least give us a starting point to begin our search with. They must think the buyer is an idiot with nothing better to do than to visit many retailers. Just like car dealers. (no offense to those of you in the car selling business) There is no other reason than pure greed and deception that a retailer would quote different prices to a person standing in front of him/her or over the phone or Internet. NO EXCUSE AT ALL. I would never buy from a manufacturer that plays that game regardless of the quality of their equipment. Not to mention the ones that don't show closeups of their products on line. NAD? There are plenty of honest ones out there that give full discosure. Just my 2 cents.

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OK, I'll bite on this. We thank you for your opinion but what is it that you are trying to accomplish with this statement? You seem angry. It is obvious that you don't like NAD and their products. I've seen that in you posts. There is a lot of pro-NAD around here. If that troubles you I am sorry.

With a little research you can easily find out what the MSRPs are on the entire NAD line. As for pictures, there are also those around if you wish to look for them. All in all I think that there is plenty on info on these products to make an intelligent, informed decision.

For what it's worth, selling audio eqipment is a business. Maybe certain people get better deals on equipment because they are repeat customers. This is a free market and business owners can choose to sell their goods for what they feel people will buy them for.

I guess your idea of honest and mine are different. To me dishonest would be trumpeting huge power ratings and not living up to them, by a long shot. I would be more disturbed by that than a picture or an MSRP.


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i've been somewhat confused by some of these issues as well. i've found that several of the manufacturers own websites are lacking in detail. while the information IS out there and avail, it's not often available at their own sites. potential consumers who aren't as savvy may have a difficult time finding pertinent information.
detailed pictures of the units are also lacking from several sites that i've visited...nad definitely being one, as well as rotel.

as far as msrp...i've often wondered why it isn't listed on their sites. since dealers are held at advertising at msrp, it wouldn't be undermining them to post msrp on the manufacturer's sites. i think it would actually be beneficial. i don't think it's a 'selling internationally' thing, as many of the manufacturers have different pages for different regions.

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No bashing here dude. I have nothing against NAD. I've heard their line and think they produce amazing sound. I'm just an aggravated consumer when I can't tell if I'm getting hosed or not on price. (hence my car buying analogy) I agree that ommitting true power rarings is a scam for sure. But I'd also like to go to a manufacturer's site and see where the pricing begins instead of having to track it down on the Internet. That IS business. Discounts for repeat customers is a given but I'd like to see some starting points as I'm searching a retailer's site. This is not a bash on any one line nor a plug for HK, but I have absolutely no problem finding prices on any Harman lines. My only question is, "if Harman can do it, why can't other sites (like MA or Dynaudio)?"

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I agree that it is frustrating when investigating audio/video products on the web only to find a very few manufacturers listing recommended retail prices and full specs. Dealers in every country must have rrp's, but I can understand what huge task it is for the manufacturers to compile such a list taking into account various vat's, import duties and so on.

But a simple contact from their distributor in each country could provide an up to date list of rrp's. So maybe it's a case of not letting the opposition in on their 'big secret!'

Whatever happened to the old rule 'the customer comes first.' The internet is for supplying information so it's not a big ask!

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Blazer (et al): I know what the problem is. It's information glut! Yes. In the Information Age we become so dependent on rapid access to information, we quickly become disenchanted when we can't find the information we want!

I'm as guilty as everyone else on this topic. I have found that I won't buy from an on-line retailer who does not have it in stock! I won't buy something unless I can get all the details -- including the manual, in Acrobat PDF of course, on line. I have to find reviews about the product on-line. And I have to research the reputability of the manufacturer. (And another point... I won't order unless they can ship it same day and I can have it within a day or two. What has happened to us? We have a fishing trip planned 2 months out, but have to order a fishing pole from Amazon and have it shipped overnight? Capitalism at its worst! :-)... but, it does fuel the economy.)

These are not bad things. This is the new saavy consumer, which I wrote about on this forum before. We are a new breed of consumer and I think that most of the manufacturers are aware of us. That's why the information is coming! They know that we know or want to know and making it easier for us to make decisions is what this Information Age has provided us with.

I'm not making excuses for any manufacturers who are not up to speed on this. Some of these manufacturers are trying, but others just don't plain care. The ones who don't care... probably think that retail sales are just fine in Best Buy, Circuit City, Fryes, and Sears.

Being the wanna-be lawyer that I am, let's look at it from the manufacturers standpoint. Do you want that much information released readily and available electronically? Would you, personally, like it when everytime you walk in a store you're scanned and the store already knows how much money you don't have, so don't even bother to talk to you or wait on you? They may even ask you to leave? :-) Some of the manufacturers feel this way. Interesting, huh?

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It would seem some companies have the customer in mind and intend to stay in business. Recently decided to buy a new audio system so I emailed, where possible, eight major mfgrs to request they post me their product literature. Web page info/pictures and pdf files just do not do the job for me. Really dislike pdf and flash. Cheap and nasty I think. NAD, JVC, Yamaha and Onkyo quickly sent excellent detailed literature with current msrp lists. These are the companies I will do business with.
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