Electric Guitar.. what kind of amps/speakers can you use with it?


As an aspiring guitar player i asked a friend wether or not i could use the speakers on my pre-assembled home stereo system (160 watts total) to play my electric guitar into. He told me not to, that it will just end up ruining them because they are not made to that kind of high volume and frequency.

My question is: what kind of amps do i use? i have a practice amp now (big ol' 15 watter). But if i were to upgrade what kind (not brand) of speakers do they have to be?

The first thing you'll need is more power. If your looking for big tone you'll never get it with a 15watt amp.

The ideal guitar speaker is a 12" Celestion 75. If it's just the 'type' of speaker your looking for you'll need an instrument speaker for your purpose. The Celestion 75 is the most commonly used speaker in practically all cabinets so this would actually be your best bet. My recommendation is to step up to a bigger combo amp if your looking for bigger better tone. Get you a Mesa Boogie .22 caliber combo amp. Their fairly inexpensive and have tons of tone. I have been playing on Boogie equipment for several years now and after trying almost every product out there I am convinced the Boogie's are the most rugged and sound the best. Good Luck!

Thanks for the information coop.

But i asked another friend if it would be ok to run it through my home stereo system and he said it would be fine, as long as i put it through the input of the system and not directly into the speakers.

Any thoughts?

Ben Allen
a semi-related question here, i've come upon a 15 inch jensen speaker, meant for a bass guitar amp, made some time in the late 70's.. it's never been used and appears to be in great condition.. i'd like to throw together a box, which should be no problem with design software.. the question is, what do i need to use to power this in a car-audio application? not sure about the ohms, watts, that sort of thing..

i'm hoping the reproduction of bass-guitar notes will be better with this speaker than with a normal car subwoofer designed with rap in mind..


"The first thing you'll need is more power. If your looking for big tone you'll never get it with a 15watt amp."
I've heard tube amps rocking only 5 watts that'll have you screaming for mommy.

Exactly Eric.

My 1970's Fender Vibro-champ is a whopping 6.5 watts and it SCREAMS!

Tone to die for. Get a guitar amp...


get a guitar amp for best sound



sells rawframe speakers

i've got a cabinet with 4x12 25 watt celestions (i think dated 1969) with a bass reponse of 75 (c/s-whatever that means) at 16 ohms.can i use these as a bass guiar unit?probably not the right discussion board but thought i'd give it a go


josh cooper
yeah ahh coop some of us blue collars dont have lots of money to throw around because a mesa as you suggested is alot alot alot of money for a simple 100 watt amp(mesa boogie) it is 2000$ and you shouldnt be pushin peolple to buy

for whoever answers these can you use any speaker and put it in a guitar amp or do they have to be special

Hi Brett V,
I just wanted to let you know that I also play (through home stereo systems) for more than 15 years now, and never had any kind of problems with it.
But, be aware that the sound will not be the same as the one of a guitar amp. But this is a point of personal taste.
I also use multi-Fx with it in order to modify with the EQ, some mid and High frequenzies.

i have a 20 watt bass amp someone bought me, will it work to play my fender stratocaster on or do i need to buy a different amp?

its ok to play with a guitar on a bass amp... but dont play with a bass guitar on a guitar amp..

It's not the amount of power, but one of dynamics. Home amplifiers/speakers are too transparent and cannot handle the dynamics that guitar produces. Anyone who tried playing guitar through their stereo know what I mean. But you can produce decent sound if you run a compressor through it.

i have set up a sound system for my computor using A-A TINY SPEAKER TO AMPLIFY THE SOUND FROM THE COMPUTOR which runs into a 20 watt watson guitar amp which shares the power output in series to 2 15 watt bass speakers and a normal guitar amp speaker......do you think this is a clever or stupid idea?

mr surround sound
that would be silly...you might damage your soundcard through high output feedback

Bottom Line.....Do not use a bass guitar with a guitar amp because they low frequencies will damage the speakers, second plugging a guitar into your surround sound stereo is not a good idea cause you can blow your speakers real easy, trust me I know people who have done this. Playing a bass at high volume through a guitar amp would be like plugging 6x9's into a low frequency output on a 1000 watt car amp and turning it up. If you care about your speakers, only use them for what they are intended for

I'm writing from Colombia.
I want to know, ¿what is the best way to eq my amp? I'm making a record and I can't find the perfect sound yet.
Thank's to everyone.


James Benway
I have 2 big peavey speakers that came from a bar they r 200 watts+ they have amps in them and they have 2 jacks in the back that r the same as my bass plug but they have no controls or power on them can i use them 4 my bass? or wut do i need to get to use them 4 my bass?

how do bass amps work


Alex Dutton!
i play my bass & guitar through a 70's Marantz Hifi and a couple of 15" big bass-y speakers. sounds different. isnt all bad, the speaker is a hifi one intended as part of a larger system of speakers, delivers the bass quite well. I think in some ways better, the hifi was designed not to ditort the sound atall, so if you use an amp modeller you can save big dollar. no good when you want to take it anywhere tho :(. overall; works for me, sounds ok, very impractical but what the hell, saved me a couple of hundred while i was starting out!

I am trying to recondition this old Silvertone 100 watt guitar amp and it's speaker cabinet with 4, 12" speakers. The speakers have been shot for many years,and in fact some are missing. I would love to find out what type of crummy speakers were originally in it,and replace them in kind. Dreaming I know. But I can't help but wonder what Cheap type of guitar speakers would come close. You can bet in 1972 those speakers were not Emminence,or any other brand name.
Radio Shack used to make good (crummy) replacement speakers. They stopped a long time ago.
Any thoughts on this? I am not trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Just trying to stick speakers in that are similar.They were silver in the middle. Funky sounding at best.

Unregistered guest
im planing 2 purchase a bass but i have a ibanez guitar amp at home. could i use a bass a guitar amp???????????????? and wat would happen if i did, would it affect anything?
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