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I'm in the middle of purchasing my first good audio system and can use a good advice regarding the main speakers.
I mainly interested in stereo and I'm using Yamaha rxv2400 reciever.
So far i loved the Paradigm Studio series over Canton and mission.
The problem is i was thrilled only by the Studio 100 V3 speakers and they cost a lot.
I tried Studio 40, 60 w/out Sub ... no good comparing to the Studio 100, they really blow me away!
Dominant, stable and accurate Bas, very harmonic and true sound, powerfull, clear and soft ... what can i say, like it was engineered for my ears.

Since Value 4 Money is a big factor, i want to check more models with a similar performance (Polk, B&W etc ).

Can anyone suggest ?

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Check out the Monitor Audio S10s.
IMO sweeter top end, more accurate midrange, and tighter bass than the 100s.

Pricewise... they are about the same.

Good luck,

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I wouldnt try driving the studio 100 with a reciever. It may clip when the bass gets going strong. The bigger the speaker, the bigger the power supply needed to drive it (unless it is a high-efficiency design)

There is a HUGE difference when the studio series is driven with good quality seperates. They have power supplies that are up to the task of driving the load with ease.

If you must drive speakers with a reciever, check out the Paradigm monitor series. They are EXCELLENT speakers, and for a great price. They will also have an easier time being driven by a reciever.

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Doesn't your 2400 have a subwoofer preout?

Unless you want to fork out the big bucks for a true full-range speaker like the Studio 100, a much better way to go is get a quality sub ($300-500 SVS or Hsu) and pair it with a quality pair of bookshelves ($300-600). That way the sub does all the bass (20-60Hz) and the speakers do the mids and highs which they will do much better exclusively. Also you can take a huge power load off your receiver, which means it'll have extra power for the speakers to sound even better.

If you are truly interested in "Value 4 Money" then I'd urge you to look at Internet-direct speakers like Ascend, Axiom, Onix, etc. Google them, go to those websites, read their specs and reviews, and contact the companies directly---they may be able to point you towards somebody in your area who has those speakers that you can contact and go listen personally, if you don't want to take a chance on their 30 day refund policy.

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I went with Studio 20s and will be adding a sub to take care of the bottom end--along the lines of what Edster suggests.

I definitely preferred the Paradigms over approximately equivalent Polks and B&Ws. I'd say try out the bookshelves with a sub in the mix.

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As Edster and Chris suggest, I recently ordered Studio 40's and have a Paradigm PW2100 sub. Paid several hundred less that I would have buying the Studio 100's. Also to consider is if you buy Studio 20's or 40's the best center channel match is the CC470, if you go with Studio 100's the best match is the CC570 (more money). I also agree with Chris that for my money the Paradigms outperform the comparable Polks, B&W's, and several other brands, but that is totally subjective and I suggest that you listen to all that you can as another brand may tickle your ears like Paradigm does mine. Oh and by the way the Ascends appear to quite a value. Take heed also of what Gavin says relative to driving Studio 100's with a Yamaha receiver. The Monitor series in Paradigm is probably a better match. Until my Studio 40's arrive I'm using Monitor 5's with PW2100 sub and it sounds great.

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reguarding the PW series... the smaller one (can't remember the model) is MUCH more musical than the larger one. My dealer even agreed with me on this, and has since only carried the 10 incher versus the 12.

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Absolutely right Gavin. I have owned them both and currently have the PW2100 (the smaller one). The PW2200 overwhelmed my system and made a wreck out of most of my music no matter how I set it up. The PW2100 is altogether different, It's very musical yet powerful enough to provide pants flapping bass for home theater.

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whatever you do, dont take the advice of some and buy bookshelves if your interest is in a powerful sounding system.

If you have a very small room, or your taste in music is 'chamber' music...........then bookshelves might suite your needs.

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BTW.....if I were you.......

Save a little longer and buy the speakers you desire. Dont sell yourself short to buy speakers sooner. Save for what you want, and dont settle for 2nd best because you'll always have them.

Yea can save $1,000 for second best now, but just think how nice it would be to save pennies a little longer so you can buy what you 'really' want.
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